Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drama Weekly :: Coffee Prince

I've mentioned this drama once before in a post about Korean dramas back in August of last year, but I've deemed it worthy to delve into more glorious detail for you lovely viewers. Plus, I'm watching this drama for the third time... I will most likely be giving away more detail than you ever wanted to know, so for those of you who have not seen this---keep reading if you welcome a cornucopia of spoilers.

A top reason why I praise, so to speak, this drama is the way in which the topic of homosexuality is handled. In the few dramas I've watched where a woman masquerades as a man, in the end when it's revealed that she's not a man, it's generally laughed off. Coffee Prince (click the link to watch it) on the other hand, I believe, shows a deeper view into what a man may really go through, the struggles, in believing that he was falling for another male. 

The character Gong Yoo is quite distraught and feels betrayed when he finds out that Eun Chan is a woman. Before he found this out, after much thought, he was willing to take any backlash from his family and society in order to be with Eun Chan. That takes some courage, particularly in Korean society. Do not misunderstand, I am not an expert on Korean culture, nor am trying to come across as such and likewise I am not judging. I come in peace fellow earthlings.
Ahem. In short ladies and gents, I appreciate the realistic, perhaps for lack of a better word(?), approach this drama took on the aspect of homosexuality. Bravo.


This leads me nicely into another major aspect of the drama I am over the moon about. The fact that Yoon Eun Hye who plays Eun Chan, was actually believable as a man. Thank the sweet motherland of all unicorns for this! I won't name name's, but there have been a few dramas where women were supposed to be "male," but every time they were in a scene I could only think, "You're a WOMAN" on repeat. I still like the dramas, but boy did their lack of masculinity bother me… I come in peace.

Speaking of the cast as a whole, I was enormously pleased at how relaxed, natural and easily they played, so to speak, with each other. I'm sure many of you have experienced a time when watching a drama or movie and just felt that particular actors were forcing their actions and emotions and thus you just felt that they were, well, acting. I never really felt that way with this cast, with the exception of brief 'background' characters if you will.




I loved the balance between comedy and drama in this series. Nothing seemed out of place, no random clowning moments happened in seemingly inappropriate times. Some of my favorite comedic relief came from the characters Jin Ha Rim (Kim Dong Wook) and Hwang Min Yeop (Lee Eon). Min Yeop is the type of guy that's like a special older brother that you can't help but love, despite the many "I can't believe you just did/said that" moments.

I'd have to compliment both the writers and actors on making me have a sort of love/hate relationship with a few of the characters. One character in particular I can never fully say that I like her, nor fully say that I flat out don't like her; Han Yoo Joo, played by Chae Jung Ahn. Many a time I wondered how Choi Han Seong was able to stick with her until the end. Le sigh. For those of you who have seen this drama, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, ya? She's just so, *makes random noise* Ya, ya I'm on the fence about her.


Oh my, well this is getting far too long. I hope you've enjoyed my novel, nevertheless. I'm as serious as *insert something serious* when I say you should check out Coffee Prince. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may be thankful your life is not as complicated as that of the characters in the drama. Horray!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. =)

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