Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drama Weekly :: Ohitorisama (J-Drama)


What a relief it was to find this overall light hearted drama. I tend to lean towards the more 'serious' dramas and the sort of half serious half comedy. Sometimes though, I need a break from all that who's your momma and just tell him how you feel!!! heartache. Ohitorisama (watch it here) has a nice blend of a sprinkle of slap-stick comedy, a nice [big] dollop of comedy that won't grind your gears and some serious-ish (yet not really) moments that won't make your emotions go up and down like a yo-yo.
I don't always want to spoil a drama for those who have not seen the shows I review, so allow me to try and be as cryptic as possible. 


I know I'm supposed to be selling this in such a manner as: "Watch this, it is super wonderful (insert sparkles and confetti)!" but as much as I really enjoyed each character, the relationships that happen throughout are a tad hard to accept.

I take that back, I did not enjoy every character. It's easy to choose my least favorite character, that being Sawai Kimika played by Matsushita Nao. I give her props though for making me dislike her. She managed to evoke some emotion out of me, so I see that as a sign of a good actress. She plays the sort of determined woman that makes you feel uncomfortable. She's like a cat forcing a mouse into a corner and you're desperate for someone to snap her out of her delusional state. 

It's true that the relationships that happen are a bit of a head scratch, a sort of, "Really?" For all hopeless romantics out there, this may make your sunshine day a little cloudy.


One theme that never fails whether it's a Korean drama or Japanese, is the lack of communication. Don't get me wrong, I understand that it's part of the culture; Japan is very much about harmony, keeping the peace, having great respect for those around them and so on. Still, good-googly-moogly the amount of miscommunication that could be avoided if characters were a little more open is astounding. 

Because of people not being honest with each other, the drama does drag a little. If the characters were straight forward, then this drama could be cut down to possibly 8 episodes instead of 10. Alas, what would a J-drama be without it's, well, unnecessary drama? For those who are new to J & K dramas, you should expect the irritation of characters not getting to the point. I suppose it's a love-hate relationship.


Since I'm not wanting to give away much information I'll conclude it here. Quick recap: this is a light hearted drama that perhaps is geared towards those that are familiar with J-Dramas. If you're new to the game, then this may not be your cup-a-joe and you may find it hard to like some of the characters and scenarios. 
I myself am not in love with this drama, but I was glad for a change. It's a drama you can watch without attachment and just enjoy the silly-ness of it. In particular, the fact that the male lead is shorter than his potential love interest.

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