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How To Get An Asian Man :: Phase II

In this phase I'd like to address some tips on how to 'keep' your Asian. This will really only apply to those who are in or are considering a serious relationship with your Asian gentleman.
A top point will be to incorporate some of their culture into your  lifestyle. This really does help in bonding with your gentleman. I know that if I had never originally incorporated my husbands culture I don't think we would have as close a connection. After all his culture is a part of him, why not do your best to understand and accept it better? My wonderful husband was and is still very touched by the fact that I have been learning about his culture.

Songkran Festival, which happens between April 13-15.

What have I done in terms of learning/absorbing his culture?
One practice is simply taking my shoes off and putting them on at the front door. Makes perfect sense anyway. This way we don't track in all the filth from outside into the whole house. 

 Good boy, you're not wearing your shoes indoors to dirty ze floor.

When eating food, I now eat the "Thai" way which is a spoon in my right hand and a fork in my left. It doesn't feel comfortable anymore to just eat with a fork in my right hand. The only time they use chopsticks is when eating sushi and noodles.
My taste in food has greatly changed with my preference being Thai, Japanese and Korean in particular. If I can avoid American food, I do. Sweet mother of unicorns, I don't know how I used to tolerate all the grease, salt, sugar… makes me cringe to think of it. I quickly digress.

 This is Korean food yes, but it looks delicious. Plus it follows what a Thai person would do to eat noodles, use ze chopsticks.

I've been learning the Thai language as well, which is the biggest commitment I've taken on. I'm genuinely interested in the language, so its been fairly easy for me to work with. By all means, if you feel it's not worth your time to learn their mother tongue--perhaps you won’t move to their country--then don't feel pressured to. Nevertheless, it does give you a big opportunity to bond with them on another level. Plus they won't be able to talk behind your back with friends and family, haha. I've caught some of my husbands friends off guard, knowing what they're saying. Their guilty face are priceless. 

 I'm sure many Thai folk will recognize this image. A simple illustration from a primary school book that helps teach Thai, which I happen to be using, haha.


Early on I knew that I didn't want to feel like I'm sitting on the sidelines my whole life because of a language barrier. With that in mind I quickly got into the habit of greeting fellow Thai folk in their customary manner. Even Thai folk I just meet, I believe they too appreciative that I've at least [respectfully] greeted them in Thai.

Point 2 : Communication. Communication. Communication.

Yes this is important even if you date someone from your own culture, but good-googly-moogly I can not stress this enough when you're dating an Asian gent. Think like a kid, ask questions all the time. If you don't understand why he reacted a certain way, ask him, talk it out.

 I mostly grew up in an environment that wasn't very diverse. From elementary through high school there was a consistent percentage of white folk, honestly around 99%, with barely 1 percent of differing ethnicities. On top of that, my school was in a country area. Starting to get the picture?

Contributing to this, I never had any classes that necessarily taught about other cultures. So, I never realized that indeed many cultures out there are vastly different to the U.S. My point is, if you've grown up in a similar fashion and one day have a boyfriend from a different culture, in this case Asian, you may often wonder things like why are you not very affectionate, why are you upset about this situation, why did you say this to me and so on. It seems obvious, but people will forget to stop and think "oh yeah, their culture is different than mine." Thus, be like a kid and ask questions all the time. 

Well that was easier to consume. If anything new ever comes to mind I'll let you know. I won't leave you out in the dark. If you're only in the process of looking for the mysterious Asian man, please read Phase I of how to get and Asian man.

 From our wedding day. Ze sun was especially bright that day. Isn't he just so handsome?

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  1. I've been reading a few of your blog posts about your love for the different Asian cultures and I really want to thank you for changing my perception of white people. I live in Singapore where interracial marriages frequently occur, and our local slang is mixed with different languages and dialects as well. But despite that, i think racism is still a huge issue here in Singapore and it doesn't help when i go on to websites like Youtube and see white people badmouthing Asians. It honestly hurts even when the comments aren't directly at you but to the Asian population in general. I think that you're a beautiful person inside and out and i wish you all the best for your future with your husband:)

    p.s. I think you would be interested to read up about redheads found in the North-Western part of China :)

    1. I'm really glad my posts have had such a positive light for you. That was an odd phrase, but I think that made sense.
      I too really appreciate your sweet words, thank you very much. It makes my feelers all warm and fuzzy. =D

      I've grown up knowing that it's not right to judge people as a group, but as individuals. Just because one person is bad, doesn't mean all folk like their race/culture are the same.

      Redheads in China, what is this magic? I shall have to find out.