Monday, April 2, 2012

Martina & Simon says Eat Your Kimchi

As many of you know I have a soft spot for Korea, so I was very happy to find Simon and Martina's Youtube channel where they talk of many aspects on Korea. Hazza! Simon and Martina have lived in Korea for roughly four years now, though both are originally from Canada. They are a wonderfully adorable, spunky/funky, intelligent married couple. They're always being complimented on their cute/healthy relationship. Truly they are like Batman and Robin, Yin and Yang---they work so well together. Mhm, they remind me of my own hubby and I.


S&M have been very fortunate to be able to do their videos and blog as a full time job. Before they took this on full time, both were teachers in Korea and back in Canada. Ahem, can I have their job? I spend almost all if not all my time with my hubby, soooo any valid shtuff I can do with him I am a happy camper. That made sense, ya? Anyhoodles, I hope for continued success and just pure awesomeness from them.

They have quite a few regular video segments which include:
Monday: Kpop Music Mondays
Wednesday: TLDR (too long didn't read) 

Thursday: W.A.N.K. (Wonderful Adventure Now Korea) every other Thursday and FAPFAP (food adventure program for awesome people)
Friday: K-pop Chart Update
Sunday: K-Crunch Indie Update 
Their TLDR is one of my favorite segments where they answer a top rated question, which have covered such topics like How to Flirt in Korea, Public Displays of Affection in Korea, Five Things You Should Not Do in Korea, and so forth.  They're very honest and respectful with their responses...and always funny.

They do a great job at interacting with their subscribers/fans. For instance, subscribers get to vote on which K-pop music video they review for each week. I myself have refreshed the page multiple times to vote for a particular video. Call me persistent.
As well, on occasion, they'll hold a simple contest for the opportunity to win a CD of a particular group. This as a nice way to show their appreciation towards the support they receive from their growing fan base. Aww, very sweet and just awesome of them.

 Spudgy! You can't see it here, but often Spudgy has either a green or blue mohawk. Fitting considering Simon has a [red] mohawk.

Ah yes, I particularly like their WANK videos because again they make it interactive. Whatever or wherever they are, both have to find the best Engrish, yes Engrish, take a picture with a Korean icon and they make a challenge for themselves and whomever looses usually has to do something a [tad] embarrassing. Nothing life scaring, simple things like dancing for ten seconds in public or having to respond to a silly nickname for the rest of the night.


It's the Spudgy, their half dog half dragon. Spudgy is very much like their child, a very special child. As pets tend to reflect on their owners, Spudgy seems to have taken on some characteristics of Simon and Martina (that makes sense, ya?). You can't help but love the stubby and slightly special looking pup. He kind of reminds me of Amanda's (my sister) cat, Ra. Both Spudgy and Ra know who's boss in the household, haha.
S&M sell t-shirts of their own design and I'd honestly love to purchase their "Viva la Spudgy" design. He's such an awesome and adorable pup, why not? 



I highly recommend to watch them. They're always a hoot and I certainly have attained a better understanding of Korea, perhaps on a small level, through watching them. 

My sister and I love to have mini marathons of S&M because they're pure entertainment. We tend to make references about them when we talk. "Outsiders" probably wouldn't understand what we're talking about---actually in general no one ever understands what my sister and I talk about. I swear we can read each others mind and we like to communicate with many sounds and hand gestures. I quickly digress.

Moral of the story boys and girls, old and young, you should watch Simon and Martina because you'll laugh and learn about the sometimes mysterious country Korea. =)

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