Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Cool Down, Trails & 'Ah-ha'

 This is not where I live, but to give you the feeling that it too is cool and beautiful where I live. Ya.

For a little over a week the weather has remembered that it's spring and thus shouldn't be in the 80s yet. It's been quite lovely in the low 70s and some days only hovering in the low 60s. Perfection. It's not unusual for it to be in the 80s already in my nick-of-the-woods because the weather likes to drastically change from week to week even day to day. Nevertheless, the cool temperatures are---music to my senses. I'm clearly on a weather kick.


If only our trail looked like this...

A couple times ze hubby and I have had a lovely stroll slash hike at a nearby trail. We discovered a different path with far less traffic, which is to our taste. As contradicting as it is, although I love my nature I don't like the aspect of bugs that see me as [stinging] target practice nor other creepy-crawlers that see me as a jungle gym. I don't appreciate it. Thanik questions whether he could ever take me camping. I question it too, although I have been camping when I was younger. We'll cross that hurdle in the future.


I quite enjoy learning about the small details of Japan, not just the famous temples and such that tourists typically go to (although I like that part too). I enjoy learning about everyday life events that are not as regularly discussed. A gentleman from Australia who has been living in Japan for several (I believe) years now does a great job at documenting what it's like to live in Japan. He's very respectful and honest about it all. 

When I eventually visit Japan, I'll feel more comfortable about it because of the insightful knowledge he has provided. He has over 900 videos and my favorite have to be his How To vidoes which cover, well, how to do things in Japan.  He doesn't do anything fancy with his videos, just pure relevant and concise information. Above is one of my favorite "Ah-ha" moment videos. It is a long one about doing business, but quite useful.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 
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