Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Fav's :: Música, Delicious & Korean TV

I have quite a few favorites, more than I realized, so let's jump right in.

*sing song voice* Love love love love parade!

Love Parade by DGNA is such an addicting song. It's upbeat and positive, what more could you ask for? I discovered DGNA (Daikoku Danji  - 大国男児 or The Boss as known in Korea) within the past month or so and I'm really enjoying them. They're more well known in Japan compared to their home country South Korea. Understandable since their debut in 2010, they released one mini album in Korea and soon after moved on to Japan. At some point they'll "come back" to Korea and make a name, if you will, for themselves. Ya ya.

Anywho, I see a lot of potential in this young group and I mean young. The eldest is maybe 21 and the youngest, the maknae as they're called, is 18. It blows my mind how many Korean groups in particular will start out when they're as young as 15 or 16. I finally grew out of my awkward years maybe two years ago, when I graduated college.


Perhaps it's because I don't speak the language, but I find I only tolerate Korean hip-hop and R&B, not all but some of it. American hip-hop and R&B is out of the question... Another group I'm enjoying lately--who are fairly new--is Block B. I'm still working on learning their names since there's 7 members, another common thing in the world of Korean music, to have large groups. Although I've been listening to ze wonderful Asian music for about 4 years now, the names still trip me up, so to speak. You wonderful trixy Asians.

One attraction is their easy confidence and fantastic stage presence. Their "confidence" has gotten them in trouble a couple times, but they're quickly learning their boundaries I think. As well I like that they have thus far stayed clear of having a cute boy image. It's another common trait K-pop groups will go towards at some point. I don't dislike the cute factor, but still not everyone needs to do it, ya.


In a span of one week I could not have been more happy to eat the ever tasty sukiyaki. It's a Japanese dish, one of the first I ever tried, and I don't ever have to feel bad eating it because it's a very healthy dish. 

*Insert sexy food music*
A hot dish filled with countless options: beautiful green leaf vegetables, soft and smooth tofu, fish that falls apart so nicely in your mouth, delicate glass noodles, and oh--so much more. But to top it off on the side, steaming rice that warms your belly. Perfection.

Ze husband says sukiyaki was a favorite dish of his back in Thailand. It's easy to make on your own and cheap to purchase in his country. The few times he and I have made it, we'll sometimes use slightly different ingredients, put a slight Thai twist to it, but in its essence it is still sukiyaki… Hmm, that sounds good now.


Orange juice, no pulp because the texture freaks me out, thank you. This is in my top 5 favorite drinks which include water, orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate aaaand Thai ice tea. I like hot tea too, particularly green tea and Chinese tea--the kind most often served in restaurants if you follow me. More often than not though when eating a meal, it's either water or orange juice that I drink with it.
Fun item, Amachan's boyfriend loves orange juice from the states. His favorite brand is Simply Orange with a preference of the mango and/or pineapple flavoring to it. According to Mystery Man, orange juice in Japan is watered down a bit, sooo not as satisfying.


Oh Korean reality-type shows, you are interesting. Somehow I came across a short series, back from 2010, that 'starred' SHINee, a show called Hello Baby. The gist of the show is the group had different challenges to address in taking care of a 4-year-old child. Who's child? Not really sure. Apparently SNSD (large Korean girl group) participated in this show before SHINee, but they had to take care of a baby, not quite a year old I think.
I haven't finished watching it yet, I'm only on the second episode [I believe] and there are 5 or more at close to an hour each. It's definitely interesting and fun to see the SHINee members outside of their "stage persona's." 

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Take a look at the previous favorites where I don't know how to stop talking about the weather.

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