Monday, April 30, 2012

Your Music Interests, Then & Now

Something that is always fascinating to hear (read in this case) is how folks taste in music changes over the years. What I listen to most often now is drastically different from what I used to listen to on a regular basis in high school. You have my attention now, I'd love to know:

How has your taste in music changed over the years from when you were a wee lass/lad till now?
What do you think influences you in these changes?

I wish my cassette walkman had been this colorful. Nope, I had a simple understated silver one. Cassette's, you will always have a place in my heart.

My adorable years (elementary):
What little kid didn't like to listen to some Disney tunes? I sure did. Besides that preference, I mostly listened to what my parents chose, which usually included "old school" country, Selena, The Jackson 5 aaaand that's about it. Not much variety. Oh-ho, does anyone remember Samantha Mumba? SClub7? Anyone?

The awkward years (middle school):
Ahh, mainstream pop dominated most if not all of my middle school years. Since that was at the very end of the 90's and a few years into 2000's, you can only imagine what that consisted of. Ahem.

Couldn't find a better image (thanks wiki), but this is the exact version that I had for several years.

My high school years... :
For the most part mainstream music was still a fallback choice, but tossing in there a pinch of R&B and a tiny sprinkle of rap. Thankfully I built up some variety with a big love for soundtracks and a rapidly growing soft spot for oldies music. Ah yes, by the time I hit freshman year, I was sure I wanted to live in the 40's or 50's, just for a little while. I also added some [more] elegance into my, um, palette with classical music.  

Around 11th grade (maybe 10th) I took an interesting turn, preferring different genres of rock music. On the inside I thought I was a misunderstood teenager, so rock music spoke to me. I was far too shy to try and be an annoying rebel of a teenager thankfully, kept my nose to the books.

I started out with some mellow groups like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, which happened to my first of only two concerts ever. I did enjoy what some folk refer to as "scene" music if you follow me. Very quickly I built up my tolerance to the metal genre, even some heavy metal and a bit of screamo. Can you imagine that? My favorite group for a few years was Avenged Sevenfold, their second album being my biggest preference. A nice blend of screaming and legitimate singing. Lovely.

It was hard for me to give into this contraption. Some bits of technology still blows my mind today... I have the same behemoth size MP3 player today that I got just before college. Holds 32GB of stuff, but I use maybe 7GB of it.

The first year for sure I was still heavily into rock goodness, but had almost completely dropped anything mainstream because I honestly felt like it was going down the drain. I think the only R&B I could stand was Chris Brown, perhaps of all people. Couldn't be bothered with rap anymore. When driving to any destination, however, I loved listening to classical music on the radio. Oh yes, let that sophistication shine.
I think by my third year, I completely stopped listening to any English rock music (or any English for that matter). Do you know what's coming? I'll give you a moment...

Times up.

Oh yes, the Asian persuasion came into my life. Oh a glorious time; like a vortex of pure goodness. I started out mostly with Japanese rock (wonderful wonderful Miyavi), a bit of the visual kei items and only a little bit of K-pop, a big preference towards the used to be five member group DBSK. 

Thanks to my husband I really enjoy jazz now. One thing I almost forgot to mention is my liking for Celtic music and artists like Enya. I don't dislike my once beloved rock music, I know I'd still enjoy it, but I'd only tolerate it in small doses. My Asians and jazz comforts me best now.

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