Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drama Weekly :: Buzzer Beat (J-drama)

Yes! Finally! A real kissing scene. Do you know how rare it can be to come across an Asian drama that has a decent kiss scene? I don't want a PG-13 smooch fest, just a kiss that actually has emotion, that shows the characters like each other and aren't repelled by each other. Sure, I can understand wanting to be conservative in public despite looking like an awkward robot when you kiss. However, when in a private setting you're allowed to loosen up a bit. So, Buzzer Beat, thank you for at least once breaking this stiff habit. That didn't sound right.

Naoki's character, above, is very insecure about himself, which has constantly held him back from moving forward in life with basketball and his girlfriend. I suppose his girlfriend, a cheerleader, was never giving him the right confidence boost. She didn't hit the right note. That's where violinist Riko comes in to essentially help him grow some balls. Was that too forward?

I liked Naoki's character well enough, but sometimes he seemed too reserved for his own good, which would make him seem a bit dull at times. I mentally clapped when he'd suddenly yell, show a visible unhappy panda face or even shed a tear. Hmm, perhaps that makes sense. His character is insecure and slowly he builds his confidence, which reflects his mood changes? From just a pretty face to a pretty face with emotions.

I quite enjoyed Riko (lady in purple above) who was a very bold and fairly outspoken character, which is a breathe of fresh air. She's a friend that Naoki has been needing, someone to call him an idiot for not letting himself shine like the awesome basketball player he is. 
The only time I had to dock Riko some points was when she naively and willingly played into the deceitful words of the bad girl in the show. Even when Riko found out that hey this is a bad girl, for whatever reason she still believed the shiz-nazz that came out of her mouth. Good grief.

Very entertaining comic relief from Naoki's best friend Shuji and Riko's good friend Mai. Mai who at first came across as a bit ditzzy, turns out to have more depth to her. She's a very understanding and loyal friend.  Shuji is one of the youngest members on the basketball team and it shows in an endearing way I like to think.  Reflecting Riko, Mai ends up being the boost in confidence that Shuji has been needing. 

I'd like to say I'm satisfied with the pace of the show, not too slow and not really too fast. One issue I tend to have with some J-dramas is the pace of the shows can sometimes be a little too fast, lacking in character and relationship development. Now there is a particular relationship that happens quickly, but I let it pass because it's one of those love at first sight moments. 

Natsuki, the villain of the show. Towards the end of the series I can see the writers tried to redeem her character, attempt to get the audience to forgive her, find sympathy for her. Nice try, but it didn't really work for me. She needed several more "good" deeds in my opinion. I could only just see potential at the end, yes, but still not enough. 
There is another bad guy to keep things interesting and although he was pretty much at the level of Natsuki, I felt more forgiving towards him by the end of the show. The arc from bad to good was perhaps subtle, but still more evident.

Overall, I'd call this a mild and easy drama to watch. Not necessarily nail biting, but worth while to watch.
Thank you for reading. I hope everyone had a lovely start to their week. 

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