Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Music For Your Blues

When I'm feeling down or having a bad day for whatever reason, I often drown my woes in a glorious dose of--music. My train of thought was starting to ramble in my noggin.. Anywho, point being I have my go-to groups and specific songs that I lean towards to turn my frown upside down. My choice of what makes me feel warm and fuzzy does change over time or rotate, as I'm sure yours does. Am I right? Of course.

Visual time; let me show you who currently tickles my fancy when I need a pick-me-up, music style.

Get down, get down, ge- ge- ge- get down. Bow wow- wow- wow- wow.
If I'm not in the mood for a cutie-sexy type of sound, I listen to this "manly" group. Considering the youngest is 15 in B.A.P., I'm not sure if I can even call them as a whole, manly. Ahem, they give me good energy in any case.

If I'm needing some serious pep, I lean towards DGNA. Love Parade is one of my favorite songs. Plus when watching the MV, how can you not be happy with their colorful outfits, cutie dance and chipper song? Shhh shh, it's indeed impossible not to be happy, I agree.

Oh Block B, you try to be swag and "I'm too cool for school," but you too know how to pull off the aegyo. 
Besides Zico, P.O. (the main rapper) is one of my favorite voices of the group. I'm a sucker for the deep rough and/or smooth voice; he has the latter.

Just tell me why...I go crazy.
Give it to my why.
Oh baby stay with me...*Korean words *
Cry, Y and Stay are three of my favorite songs of MBLAQ's that I love to listen to to get me through my woes. Thank you boys, thank you for serenading me in the good times and the bad.

Oh for them to be together again... It all started with them--DBSK--my love for Korean music.

Well, I mainly listed some of the groups that can always make me happy. Of course this is not all that I listen to, but at least what I have been favoring for the past few weeks. As a follow up, perhaps I could post some of my all time favorite songs. Thoughts?
Who do you listen to in good times and bad?
What are some of your favorite songs to turn your frown upside down?

Thanks for reading!
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