Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Languages & B.A.P.

Oh Block B, I need to get your CD some time so I can put you on repeat. Replaying you on YouTube is not so convenient. Still, you sure are fun to dance to and to attempt to sing along with even though I don't speak a lick of Korean---only a handful of words. I'm sure I'm making up words in the process. *claps*

...Ahem, as you may already know, I am still in the process of learning Thai, but for a bit of funzies I like to pick up bits of Korean and Japanese on the side as well. I won't properly learn either language until I'm at least semi-fluent in Thai. One language at a time I think is best. Amachan (my sister) has helped me decide to learn Korean after Thai since she'll be learning Japanese--or rather has started learning Japanese. It's fairly certain she'll study Japanese for a year in Japan, starting in the fall. Therefore, she'll be able to take care of me any time I visit. Hazza! This translates to me not learning Japanese until after Korean. Sorry Japanese, but you'll have to remain 4th on my list; I still love you though.

I sometimes like to mix in Thai, Korean and Japanese into my everyday speech at least with my hubby and sister because they get my humor and such. Does anyone else do something similar to this?


I love my cutie/sexy Korean guy groups as well as the next lady or gent, but hazza horra for another group that seem comfortable with their "Like a Man" side. There has been a boom in rookie groups in the past year in the K-pop world. Earlier this year one of them is a 6 member group called B.A.P. I'm very impressed with them because normally rookie groups, well, have a clear vibe that flashes "we're new." These young lads seem like pros already. I've watched some of their live performances and they have great stage presence. As one would hope/expect, indeed they sing well live. They're sound and lyrics combined has a great empowering feel to it.

Very quickly I favor Daehyun because his vocals are impressive and so--pleasant. Mmhmm.

Yongguk, your voice is so deep and manly.

 Himchan, I love his crazy eyes. Just watch their videos and you'll see what I mean.

For a 15-years-old, Zelo is impressive with his quick draw rapping skills. Seriously, he raps like a boss.

 Youngjae, you've got some impressive lungs good sir.

 Jongup, you have some mad dancing skills and I'm loving your aggressive voice.

The weekend was busy, the start of the week is busy...I hope everyone is having a good start to their week. Thanks for reading!

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