Sunday, September 9, 2012, Holy Grail For Beauty

Oh gosh you guys. Guys. Guys seriously. I think I found a favorite website to shop for beauty products and what have you. Amachan (do I still need to mention she's my sister?), thanks for this trap, really, thank you. Has anyone else heard of I've finally gotten around to checking it out and I'm pretty sure I heart it.

Amachan has been on an organic kick, which I'm sure is a permanent kick, and holy smokes I am glad. I've learned a great deal from her.. Organic does not always mean expensive, oh thank goodness no. I really don't like to spend a ton on skin care, but before I was blind to cheaper, so to speak, products that work just as well--heck I'm sure far better than chemically enhanced products. I'd like to have nice skin as much as the next sexy lady (Get it? Overused? Oh...), but I don't want to spend $40 on magical eye cream or $70 on serum that must be made of unicorn hair to cost so much. Ahem, I digress?

Anywho, to keep myself in check, I am limiting myself to three things:
1) Deodorant
2) Leave in conditioner moisturizer shtuff for my hair
3) Some sort of spray for my face to help it look bright, not dull


I'd like to smell fresh, mhm.

I learned from Amachan that deodorant should not block the sweat glands, only kill the unpleasant smell. So, I'd still uncomfortably sweat, but at least I won't give off any smell. I sure am making myself sound attractive... I've been using the brand Dove for sensitive skin and I do not like it. For one it blocks my pores, which again I learned it should not do. Secondly, I don't like that it leaves residue on my clothing, definitely not appreciated. Lastly, it um, doesn't always help kill the odor when I need it to. *sad face*

I would love to have such voluminous and bouncy hair as this lass from Brave. Thanks.

As for the hair, my sister and I have had the same issue of the ends being dry. I try to help my hair by combing it thoroughly a few times a week (perhaps I should do it more often), I don't wash it every day either, which you shouldn't anyway because you'd constantly strip your hair of its natural oils. Not all oils are bad folks. In any case, my hair is still needing extra help.

I know what you eat plays a large part in how your skin looks, but that's a whole other story. Bottom line is I would like ze extra help for my facial area to look brighter and glowing. Amachan has recently started using some sort of rosewater facial spray at night and I can tell it has some magical qualities. What's this? Positive results? Sa-weet. I'm excited to get this product for myself.

What beauty goodies do you folk have your eyes on? Any organic tips/tricks you'd like to share? Don't be shy.
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  1. Hey!
    just found your Blog whilst I was searching 'pleated skirt and converse' then I click on your awesome pick of christmas with you husband and BAM! I come across your wonderful site, I've followed as I love your Blog!
    Please check out mine and follow, if it tickles your fancy.


    1. Well thank you very much, I am glad my blog has caught your "fancy." I see what you did there. =P
      I took a brief look at your blog and already it's appealing because I can tell you have a positive attitude and I will learn about other countries and, hmm, shall I say lovely events that happen. =)