Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Favorites: Picnic, iHerb, Cool Weather

Last sunday the hubby and I went on our first picnic together! Why, why have we not done this sooner? It was utterly relaxing and cutely romantic. Since we're not pros at this we didn't have any "proper" gear for this, not even a handy dandy picnic basket. We made do and---if I can stop my squealing inside my noggin due to cuteness overload, I could continue... Ahem, we went to a park we didn't know existed and let me just state that next time we'll have to go when little ones are in school because after our picnic I wanted to play on the swings, but were fully occupied. Swings are for kids and adults, mkay?

The weather was perfect for us to enjoy our time for a few hours. After we ate, we asked each other questions Thanik found in a book of his. You can always learn new things about your honey bun not matter how long you're with them. Eventually ze hubby found himself sleepy from the delicious noms and cuddled up in a warm blanket, so he tried to convince me to take an Italian nap with him. I resisted, not wanting to ruin sleepy time later, but I gladly welcomed the cuddle opportunity.

Do you have a favorite picnic story?


Is iHerb even worth mentioning here since I'll be doing a whole post about it?
Fine, but let me say this: It joom joom's my heart like a locket. 50 points if you can tell me the reference... In other words, it's WONDERFUL. Thank you and goodnight.



I am jealous of whoever get's to experience this magic.

I am loving the steady cool down from what was a summer that felt like a potential eternal oven. Seriously. I can finally wear layers, my favorite thing to do. None of this just jeans and t-shirt nonsense, no no. Give me a sweater, let me wear fantastically printed socks (which I need to invest in...) with my oxfords and perhaps add a light scarf for extra pizazz.
There's just something so magical about fall. The colors, the weather, the noms, the layers---perhaps everything makes it my favorite season.

I'm pretty sure fairy's live in this forest, where else are the little twinkling lights coming from?

Definitely not me, just love ze picture.

No matter where you are in the world, what is your favorite bits and bobs about fall?

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