Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Happy Cards

Why, hello there. Keeping this return introduction short, busy times ladies and gents, but tis good to be back. Hazza!

There is always something that puts a smile [back] on someone's facial area. I'm quite curious what is your's, yes you--and you over there in the corner. 
In no particular order, there are for sure three consistent things that always put a smile back on my face.

Le Husband
I consider myself a general ray of sunshine, however, when a cloud disturbs my space, he knows what to do and what to say to keep my view clear. Get ready for some extra sappiness--I feel lucky everyday to be with such a caring and understanding gentleman. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about him. Awwww. Good times my friends. 

 See one of those rays? That is me. I also chose this image in place of my handsome husband because he loves biking. There is a connection, it works. xD

Korean Music
Don't ask me about the inner magical workings of this awesome music, I dare not question it's majestic ways. Dramatics aside, Korean a la musica really does have a sort of healing power for me. Good times and bad, it is my ray of sunshine--for my own sunshine? Perhaps we are rays of sunlight in the same sun... Not sure where that thought is going, but I think it works.

 I know, I know. Wouldn't it be great to see them back together again?

Thai Food
Hands down, my favorite food. It's just so dericious. The flavors, variety, textures and overall health aspect is better that most food in the US. I love that most if not all of the Thai dishes I eat doesn't make me feel heavy, nor feel a sense of regret like a lot of American food does. I'm sure many can relate to this feeling.
I don't dislike all American food, but if I had to choose what I must eat forever-more, it would be Thai food.

I just need to take my own photos of Thai food, it's hard to find good images. That is all.

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