Friday, August 16, 2013

Surviving in Thailand : The Essentials

(You may see this picture again in a future post.)
In my first week I had the best FREE Thai Ice Tea and have yet to find another that equals the deliciousness of this one.

hey. Hey. HEY. Where have you been? And by you, I mean me. The short and sweet of it my friendly folks is it took a great deal of time preparing to come to Thailand and while we, the hubby and I, have been in Thailand we've been busy. Busy meeting friends, family and working.
Yup, you read that correctly we're in Thailand. Great success!! We've been here for a month and a half already and shall be for another month and a half. Quick math : a total of three whole, glorious months. 

I have SO much to tell you beautiful people. I even put off writing this because I was so torn on where to begin. D=
I thought about going in chronilogical order, because I like order, so starting with preparing to come to Thailand, but here we are and I decided to begin with the essential tips on surviving Thailand… because I can.

In no particular order. Ahem:

Mosquito Repellent 
In the first couple of weeks, I was some delicious desert for the mosquitoes here, but thankfully I haven't been getting as many bites recently. I will not question why.
Go for an organic one of course, like citronella to avoid unnecessary toxins. 

It's a tropical country which means rain and right now it's the rainy season, so you will be glad for an umbrella. Also, when it's not raining the sun wants to burn you and overall you'll feel a tiny bit cooler under the umbrella. Shazaam! Seriously, the umbrella has been my best friend like a puppy, and thus has stuck by my side and kept me from being burnt.

It's a tropical country, protect yourself.

Toilet Paper 
Yes, you will need to carry it with you because unless you are in a mall, Starbucks, big restaurant--that sort of location--toilet paper will not be provided for you in the restrooms. Do not put yourself in that awkward situation. Also, often when you travel outside of the big cities, just generalizing here, you will most likely [only] come across squat toilets. Practice practice folks. 

Clothes that cover you 
I know it's a hot country, but you can survive when wearing pants and lightweight long sleeves. Yes you will feel cooler, by a bit, when wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but really, either way you shall be toasty. 
Why do I mention this? Because you have a better chance of not being the main course for mosquitoes and not having what I like to call "the foreigner burn." I've seen many foreigners here and a great majority of them are burnt. 
I'm a pale redhead and have not been burnt once. Great success!

I've planned out several other topics to discuss such as preparing to come to Thailand, transportation, money, food, adventures I've had and so forth. If there is anything in particular your curious mind is wanting to know, well, let me know and I shall see if I have a proper answer for it. Just keep in mind I've only been here a month and a half….although I do have access to my husband's knowledge, who is from here. Hmm. Knowledge is power, and that is my story.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Monthly Favorites

The month of May was a rather busy time, thus I figured lumping my favorites at the end made more sense rather than having it even twice. So, let's get into it… Somehow that sounded cheesy, but then again who doesn't love cheese? That is a rhetorical question, silly.
Clearly at the top of my list is confirming that the hubby and I shall be spending three whole months in his home country, Thailand. Every day now he hears from me singing, "We're going to Thailand, we're going to Thailand!" He's so patient with me.

I've already been planning out in my noggin what to film for you folks while I'm there, what to write about. It's been fun even planning what camera angles to use, how long certain content should be and all that fun jazz. I'm sure when it comes time to film things, it won't go quite as smoothly as I imagine, but it will still sure be a ball of fun. Optimism!
This is from 2 1/2 years ago or so, but I thought it would be appropriate to show meh hair. You'll see the future me--soon. Ooo, mysterious.
 For a 2-3 months my hair had been in an awesome freak out mode, which made it look like Professor Snapes hair-do. Well, not quite as bad as Rowling describes it, but darn annoying nevertheless. By following my sisters advice, after a few weeks, my hair is very close to being normal again.
I shall dive into full detail about my hair adventure in a future post, which I've been working on. Need to still acquire some muy importante pictures of my hair for that.

This is a trifling matter, but I'm proud that I am growing my fruit liking and intake. I do like fruit, but I have always been picky on fruit textures. For instance, and this has been years in the making, but I have finally jumped on the strawberry band wagon. I've always loved the taste, it was just the texture I found off putting. No longer though! *waves imaginary celebratory flag*

The good doctors say to eat fruit every day and bi-gum I am almost accomplishing this. On average I'm eating fruit 5 days out of the week. Woot!

Discovering and re-discovering Korean groups:
This is a rediscovery with them. I recall listening to their song called On And On, but not being super thrilled about it. It seems it took a darker image and emo times from them with the song Hyde for me to change my mind about them. Somehow, they knew I used to be a rocker lady. 

B1A4 or as they're best known for me: Bilasa, conqueror or kitties and teenage girls hearts!
This is also a rediscovery because I had heard some of their songs in the past but it just didn't capture me at the time. Now, I think they're just brilliant particularly with their videos. Hilarious.   

I'm actually not 100% sold on this new rookie group, but I don't dislike them either. I think they have the potential to grow on me with their unique sound
(Images by

Friday, May 24, 2013

Redhead Goes To Thailand

No folks, this is not about my sister this time, this is about muah! It's finally happening, I am finally going to Thailand in July!!!
I was so temped to enlarge the exclamation mark to a ridiculous size, but that would just be obnoxious. So, three exclamation marks will suffice.

Ironically my hubby is more so excited for me to visit than anything else. Well, he is looking forward to the food, fresh sea food. Nom nom nom.
We shall be there for three whole glorious, hot, months. Ah, so much to do so much to see my friends. I have a list already of what to do, what to see. I've mentioned it before, but why not give a quick reminder.

  • Tour the old schools my hubby attended during all his awkward years.
  • Visit the hubby's favorite hangouts, which mostly include coffee shops and home decorating stores.
  • Visit my father-in-laws garden, where he grows his own fruit. I'm definitely going to help sell it, new adventures there.
  • Meet a fair amount of family members for the first time. Wish me luck.
  • Eat food, lots and lots of delicious food. Fresh sea food? Whaaaat? Okay.
  • This falls under food, but enjoy lots of boba drinks.
  • Perhaps ride an elephant for the first time.
  • Try not to burn.
  • Eat some more food, and so on.

You better believe I will be documenting my adventures there, don't worry---if you were worrying at all.
I'm hoping too that I can step up my game and do a bit of filming whilst there. You'd finally get to see me in 3-D… I think that's purdy cool.

How can I forget to mention, I am also very excited to finally, rapidly, build my Thai vocabulary. By the end of the three months I'm sure I shall be able to carry on conversations respectively. Woot! When we return to the states the hubby and I will be able to speak in code whilst out and about. It will be such a powerful feeling. Bwahahaha! *awkward smile*  

VIXX - Super Hero | B1A4 - What's Happening

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Drama Review :: To The Beautiful You

To The Beautiful You

If you are a big fan of this drama and the actors in it, avert your eyes now. I may not say the nicest things. You have been warned… Peace and love.


There's no easy way to put this, though bless her heart for trying, but I wasn't impressed at any point with Sulli's acting. The best example is the "cliff hanger" scenes at the end of each episode, when something big has or will be revealed to Sulli's character and she kept an impeccable neutral face.

If I were the power man behind the camera, aka the director, I'd be squeezing my hand into a fist, muttering to myself, "Please give me a little more emotion." It may be harsh folks, but it's the truff, with two ff's.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If Shoes Were Possible

Is the title oddly phrased? Let me explain. Ahem, I don't have the extra green to spend on shoe, SO, in all caps, I'd like to tease (because that makes sense) myself here by listing what shoes I would love to dawn on my feet.

What do you think constitutes as a lot of shoes?
I wanted to use a smartie pants word to explain something here, but as you know my English is dying. Anyhoodles, a point I wanted to make is everyone may have their own definition of "a lot." Perhaps you base it off the number alone or how often each pair of shoes is worn? Aka, seldom or equally often.
I'm sure that made sense... *points back to question* 

I know I need to donate several pairs of my shoes because I hardly wear them. I think it best to allow someone else put new life into them, give them a new adventure.

Let's count my multiple pairs of converse as one pair, then add on a few other styles I wear and by the end of it all I have maybe 4 or 5 style variations. Good enough yes, but a few more variations would broaden the possibilities of my wardrobe, which I would have no issue of happening.

One way I see it, if you have a fairly neutral wardrobe, little to no crazy stand out pieces, then why not let your shoes be the show stopper. Indeed your shoes can really change the statement of your outfit.
My sister is a shoe lady and she does prefer to let her shoes do the talking if possible. I think I'm balanced between clothing and shoes, either or can make a statement if it so chooses.

(All pics from my pinterest)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

YouTube As A Job?

*points to the title* I think this is brilliant. It's another "version" of being an entrepreneur and being your own boss is nothing new, particularly in these modern times.
I've gotten some feels, negative vibes that some folk disapprove of this career (yes I said career) path. Why is that? I'm not a "YouTuber" yet (dun dun duunnn), but I do know making videos is a lot of work.

"Oh my gawd how do you know?" 1) Research my peeps and 2) I've been involved in two short films. Either way, let's break it down.

Filming takes a long time.

Think of a normal one and half hour movie with little to no special effects and some location changes within the same city, to keep it simple. Films like this can easily take one month or more just to film and that doesn't include pre production planning (content, scripting, etc) and post production editing and all other filming aspect goodies.
It makes sense then, that a "simple" 5 minute video can take a few hours [or more] just to film.

Editing takes knowledge and practice.

How many YouTuber's have actually studied this line of work? Not many I would think. Depending on how elaborate the video is, transitions, adding a soundtrack and whatnot, that too can take quite a few hours to complete.

Branding yourself.

A handful of YouTuber's have branded themselves, collaborating with companies, selling their own merchandise, starting one or more of their own companies, and so forth. Thinking off-hand, I can think of the following who fall into this category: Michelle Phan, Ryan Higa, Bubzbeauty, Andreas Choice, Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) and I'm sure quite a few more.
Perhaps some of them already had the idea to create their own products, like Bubz and her makeup brushes before YT, but I think YT had a big hand in their success. Agree? Disagree?

Eventually I would like to make videos. I would focus mainly on what it is like to be in an interracial relationship and sharing my adventures and discoveries in Thailand. Although, I still need to get to Thailand first, which is muy importante. It will happen, don't you worry.

I really enjoy sharing my interests with other like minded folk, the way I do here. YT will just be another creative outlet to explore, and plus I miss acting, since I was a theatre major. Oh the fun I shall have making super silly skits. It will be epic times.

YouTube has only been around since 2005, so I’d imagine it will have a nice long life... I hope so, after all it's the perfect platform for so many people out there. "I'm so curious yeeaaah!" (name that song) how YT may evolve, or rather continue to evolve.

SHINee - The Misconceptions Of You Album
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Escape Into Another Language

My following rambling on music and languages for that matter may come across as disjointed. If it does not, then great success!

When it comes to music, I really feel like I've gotten to the point that I dislike listening to English unless it's in the form of Jazz or Disney music. Okay, maybe dislike is too harsh, I just simply and largely prefer listening to Asian music over English.

It's an odd feeling really, I sometimes even feel a bit tired of speaking English and would rather speak Thai. Is that odd? The days I feel this, I feel (I need a new synonym...) particularly frustrated that I currently have too small a vocabulary to speak a simple conversation in Thai. I think I've just reached that comfort zone with Thai, likes it's a second home. Does that make sense?

According to the hubby, he doesn't really see me as "white" anymore, that I overall have mannerisms now more like a Thai lady. I hope that doesn't come across as seemingly racist on either end, it shouldn't. Anyhoodles. Recently even, the hubby says that my speech pattern is becoming more Thai. I am not surprised considering I'm with my wonderful hubby all the time. I've said it before, my native language is going down.

Back to more music aspects, unless the hubby is playing jazz, on my own 99.99% of the time I listen to Asian music.
What is it with me only wanting to listen to Asian music?
  • I think a part of it is I like the fact that I don't know what the singers are talking about, since I don't speak their language. I mostly listen to Korean, Japanese and Thai, although I can understand a bit of the Thai. Still, I like the mystery of not knowing what is being said.
  • I don't think it was ever obvious, but I'm Asian bias.
  • I just really like the change I think, since I grew up with American/English music of course.

What are you to gather from my rambling?

Simply I very much enjoy the Asian music/languages, it makes me a happy camper. It can easily turn any frown upside down.
And so I'm curious, what language really--in music form do you prefer to listen to? Is it your own mother tongue or something different?

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Open The Book, Don't Judge

Grab a snack, I have a lot to say.

I was trying to find a less cliché title, but if it isn't broke, don't fix it right? Yes, we'll go with that.
I recently watched "Draw My Life" by Martina (Eat Your Kimchi). I found it to be an excellent reminder of two basic things, but first a little background info to begin.

I learned that Martina has a medical condition called EDS (Ehlers–Danlos syndrome), which translates to her joints being hypermobile, but not in a good way. She can dislocate joints easily, which she has done countless times and something I didn't expect is she is in pain pretty much all day every day.
This leads to my first point.

1. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Martina looks healthy on the outside, but clearly she is not physically okay on the inside. You never know what physical or mental pain, so to speak, someone could be facing especially if you can't see it physically on the outside.

Nobody likes the initial judgment, not you, not you with the pink hair or you in the back with your arms crossed. We all do it though, but even if you have an initial negative reaction you still have the choice to react positively and not negatively.

One of the jobs I have is a retail job so I have to interact with nearly everyone that comes in, have a conversation with them. For the most part the clientele, if you will, are nice folk but sometimes I do come across someone who is very much closed off or Senor Grumpy Pants. I always do my best to not take it personally and give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't know what happened to them earlier that day to make them grumpy, they could just have a lot on their mind.
Some of the best moments is when a customer tells me that my positive attitude made them smile or brightened their day.

1A. Treat others how you want to be treated.

This really ties in with my first point, but to make it easier (maybe?) let's call this point number 1A.
No matter how grumpy you are, do you really want to be treated with no respect, someone to treat you as equally grumpy or like they could care less about you? No you don't, I don't know why anyone would.
I know it can be tough sometimes, especially on a bad day, but treating those you interact with with respect can help create a wonderful positive domino effect.

2. Be happy with what you already have.

I very rarely have any "play" money or "fun" money and when I do it's usually enough to treat myself to my favorite ice cream, for example. Sometimes I do feel a little bummed that I am not able to purchase a shiny new toy (whatever that may be) even once a month, but it's really okay by the end of the day.


Because I am really lucky to at least have enough to eat, have a comfy roof over my head, clothes to mix and match and so on. I've learned to appreciate what I already have and my ability to be entertained by the smallest thing has been amplified, which I find fun. My hubby has become the same way and speaking of the hubby, he is pure entertainment for me, I don't need anything else. I love talking to him about anything and everything and he is one of the silliest people I know.

I think the shortest way to sum all of this is this:
Think positive. Be positive.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Favorites :: Food Edition

It's been too long folks, too long. Busy and tiring times, but I have goodie items to talk about: food. Who doesn't like food? Exactly.

Mandarin orange's
They are like freakin' candy, but the kind I don't have to feel bad about because it's chalk full of vitamin C. Horray! I've been eating at least 2-3 of these each day, usually after each meal. I find that it settles my stomach and of course they're just pure tiny items of deliciousness.
I have to thank my honey bunches of oats (no, I don't call my hubby that...yet) for opening my world to this...Thanks sweetie!

Oatmeal and tea for breakfast
I miss tea. Growing up I would usually have coffee just on the weekends and through the weekday my mom would usually make tea for me in the morning. Don't mom's always make the best *insert what applies for you*?

It's been a nice change in the mornings and I think tea is lighter than coffee. Does that make sense? Well at least tea compliments my delicious oatmeal better. My favorite oatmeal is the Kashi brand, Heart to Heart, golden brown maple flavor. Mm mmm, good.

Four small meals
I haven't been able to do it often because of my job, but eating 4 smaller meals a day rather than 3 larger ones. I can't put it into comprehensive scientific wording, but I just feel better eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than the typical 3 meals a day. I've never been crazy about such a silly routine anyway, the 3 big meals. The smaller meals feels like snacking, which I prefer. Who's with me? …Anyone? Oh.

I suppose this is all on a healthier route, so what are some of your favorite healthy nom noms (food)?

(All pics by pinterest)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Native Language Going Down

Something that has been on the forefront of my mind is my language skills, which are slowly declining. Sure I appear to have gold star worthy grammar, potentially expansive vocabulary and so forth on here, but don't let this fool you, after all I do have the luxury of proof reading my work…many times. I'm thinking more so in terms of my speaking abilities.

Before I ramble on too much though, let me just say this: my husband's second language is English and therefore his speaking habits are rubbing off on me. Perhaps this is a, for lack of a better word, warning for anyone who is in the beginning stages of dating a foreigner (who's native language is not yours), perhaps you're seeking an interracial relationship, whatever the case, keep in mind that your pooh-bear's speaking habits have a high chance of rubbing off on you.

What does this translate to?
  • Slowly but surely I'm speaking more like Yoda, sometimes I don't even make as much sense as him.
  • I'm more frequently at a loss for words, they're painstakingly at the tip of my tongue.
  • Since I am still learning Thai, I sometimes think in Thai or want to respond to an English speaker in Thai.

Be prepared you lovely people, for a decline in your native language. It's a sacrifice yes, but well worth it… If I think my English is sub-par now, holy snaps is it going to be even more special when we live in Thailand (some time in the future).

This was just a quick item I wanted to share with you folks, because:
1) For those of you who are interested or are already in an interracial relationship, just be aware of this possibility and
2) I find it amusing that this is happening to me. The hubby feels a bit bad about it, but I let him know that I am completely happy with him and how things are, so don't fuss about my Yoda habits.

Let me know if any of you have experienced this: how you coped with it or did you try to correct it.

Peck Palitchoke - ถูกคนแล้ว | U-Kiss - Standing Still
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