Thursday, January 31, 2013

Safe Zone :: Winter Outfit

Midwest weather, you never cease to surprise me at how inconsistent you are.
These photos are from last week, taken after the hubby and I got home from a few errands. Power to the people who don't give a rat's behind shopping in their pajam-jams or workout gear, but I can't do it. I like to be and feel put together. Plus, is it just me or do people not giving a hoot in what they wear always look a bit grumpy?

Something I realized, often enough, about half way through the day I feel a bit bored of what I am wearing. Does this happen to anyone else?
I've already had my light bulb moment, I'm needing to experiment and play more with my wardrobe. Even the outfit I'm presenting today is in my safe zone. So to aid my small trifling matter, I've been scouring many resources to find the right matches to light my flame. Pinterest has been great help in organizing my treasure finds.

Thank you for reading, hope everyone has been having a good week.

:: Outfit Details ::
Jacket : Banana Republic (XS)
Knitted Warmers : Zipia
Blue Long Sleeve : GAP (XS)
Skirt : Zipia (one size)
Tights : Target (S/M)
Shoes : Yesstyle (size 6)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Music Review :: B.A.P. "Rain Sound"

There has been some complaint, for lack of a better word (maybe ?), about yet another change to B.A.P.'s sound. Folk are really fond of their powerful sound like with Warrior and Power. I'm a big fan of it too, but I view the song as a piece by itself. In and of itself, it is a good song, at least I think so.

Time to contradict myself:
I do understand the point that Simon made, that B.A.P. stood out from the rest of the K-pop crowd with their tougher sound. With some of their recent releases, like Rain Sound, yes they do sound a bit like everyone else. I can only assume it's the managements decision to release this change to make them appealing to a larger audience. For business, yes it makes sense. Should they do it? Weelllll, I don't think so. They are very unique with their powerful side and they should explore that, not try to fit in necessarily... I still like the song, though.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wardrobe Wish :: More Green

I'd love to have more green in my wardrobe, having only 3 tops in this wonderfully complimentary color (for the hair and such).
Only when reading Chriselle's blog did I learn that emerald green (specifically) is the "color of the season," or something of that nature. I only ever know about trends and whatnot from the blogs I read otherwise I'm sure I'd be peacefully unaware. I wear what I like and that's that. *insert silly grin*

Anyhoodles, I had fun gathering bits and bobs that are currently for sale. I think it wouldn't be fair of me to share these rawesome, with an r, images and you folk not being able to get your paws on them if you so desired. You're welcome... Sure it may be irrelevant some months down the road, but pish-posh let's not fuss about such time technicalities.

 I should not "window shop" in one sitting, takes sooo long. Therefore, I have chosen pieces from just three places: Modlcoth, Chicwish and ThreadSense. I was attempting to find more funky pieces, spice things up a bit, but I think all my pickings are fairly neutral (for me)--BUT still rawesome.

I could blabber on a great deal about what I like about each piece, but instead I'd like to know which is your favorite piece and why. 
Also, what colors would you like to incorporate more into your wardrobe?

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Here Fishy :: Simple Dinner

Another healthy meal, horray! 
The cook of the household, the husband, made this simple dish that even I can cook (meaning it's simple). If only we could get good fresh fish in the midwest. Ahh, small sacrifices. Anywho, let me break down this simple dish for you.

Thaw fish.
Season the fish (we had three) of your choice with salt, pepper, paprika, dill weed, a little bit of butter, a hint of olive oil and a few fresh slices of lemon.
Wrap semi loose in aluminum foil, no need to wrap like a burrito.
Broil it for about 10 minutes and then bake it for another 10-15 minutes.
Don't add the grape tomato's (sliced in two) till half way threw otherwise they will be too dry.

Boil for about 8 minutes or until they are a bit soft.
Prep pan with a little bit of olive oil and a small dash of butter.
Cook on medium-high, adding pepper, salt aaaand some Italian seasoning too. Fry potato's till gently golden brown.

Rinse/wash with cool water. Done.

Was that easy to follow? I hope so, again, I am not profess. Clearly, I did not even give measurements, just a teasing overview, which is good enough, ya? ..Maybe?
Oh yes, and I had my dericious apple juice with it. xD

P.S. We're watching LOTR tonight, The Fellowship of the Ring. Yessssss.
Who else wishes they could geek out? 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grown On Me - Boyfriend

There are some groups and solo artists out there that did not instantly win me over. Sometimes I had to listen to their work several times to become a fan. This makes me think of Simon and Martina's review on GG's recent song I Got A Boy

"I’m also going to argue against potential comments here from people who say that the song is a lot better when you listen to it a lot more.... If I listen to it another 20 times, I might start liking it.... I don’t want to have to work hard at liking a pop song.... don’t make me put effort into liking your song.

I wonder, is this what I did? Did I have to put effort into liking this male Korean group called Boyfriend
I'm going to say no. I never took the effort to try to like them. Sure, in the past I came across a couple songs and I was not blown away by them. Their music style as well as visual style is very aegyo. It seems only very recently have they been maturing their image because after all, the boys are growing up. I think the youngest may still be 17. 

I'm not sure I will ever remember all their names.

Back to the aegyo thing. Boyfriend's aegyo concept was just not my thing because they kind of took it the 10th power. I was also never able to watch a video of there's all the way through because of it. So perhaps this is proving that I did not try to like them. Let's assume it does.

Why do I like them now? If I can say simply, my music taste is ever evolving. Truly it is. Heck, I'm even enjoying Korean hip-hop now and normally any form of hip-hop made me cringe and die a little inside. Okay maybe the last part is taking it too far, but you understand that it didn't float my boat.

I find this all to be rather fun, a good change. I can enjoy a heavy dose of cutie-cutie to make me feel super bubbly inside and some more deep and profound pieces that make me think (hip-hop for example).
I'm repeating myself, but some days I just want to listen to super pop music, such as Boyfriend, and other days I'm in the mood for music that has more depth to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all pop music is fluffy nonsense. I don't think that's the case at all. Simply, some days I just want unicorns and bunnies, other days it's raining yet I'm still holding a duck umbrella for smiles. Hm, it would be great to have a duck umbrella...

What groups or artists grew on you over time?


(Image: one, two, three, four, five)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pizza, a Little Healthier

Pizza is very rarely a dish that I go for. Generally I find it too salty, greasy and just makes me feel like crap inside. I'm making this sound so attractive.. So how I make it enjoyable and not make me feel like crap afterward is some simple additions.

Our dinner last night. Pardon the quality, I just snapped a picture with my phone.

The only pizza I will eat (generally) when I happen to crave it is DiGiorno. Pictured above is the spinach, mushroom and thankfully not too heavy garlic. Alone this probably would have still upset my stomach a little. So, my wonderful hubby added small shrimp, thinly sliced tomato's and mixed spinach and greens on the side. Perfect. One large slice did it for me. To top it off I had apple juice, diluting it slightly with ice so the flavor wasn't too overpowering. 

With the leftovers today, we didn't add tomato's, but still had the shrimp and mixed greens with a small dollop of dressing to add little somethin' to it. The apple juice was a given for me and afterwards we shared sliced cantaloupe.

 They make me think of boats. My husband was very kind to slice it into small bite sizes, which is how I prefer to eat fruit. Spoiled habit, ah well.

Well, I only ate a few slices because it wasn't floating my boat today. When we purchased the cantaloupe I was thinking of mango.. Both orange and whatnot. Ahem. I will have you next time mango.

How do you make some of your meals a little more healthy?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wish List - Office Desk

I've yet to have a proper office desk or space since the hubby and I have been married. It's made me feel like a lost kitten--indoors. *enter sad violin music* Here kitty, you can work on the couch. The next day: you can't work there, you must sit here and use this glorious space called the floor. Hey kitty, you have to sit on the floor, but you may use the coffee table too! 

 Still searching for a comfy place to work.

Honestly though, I'm fine making due with what we have--BUT it would be rather superb if I can have a desk of my own next to my hubby. Often when he needs me to check something for him or just wants to show me something, I will no longer have to shift things around and walk over to him. I realize that comes across as me just being lazy. Partly yes, but it can also be simply tiresome when I must do this several times in a short time. You folks understand, ya? Maybe? I hope.

Most importantly, I just want to be closer to him. We're like peanut butter and jelly, there's no point separating us. Truly, we love spending time with each other all the time. ALL THE TIME. Should I emphasize it another way? He's my best friend and he always knows how to make me feel better and be happy. Awww, thanks sweetie! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wash It By Hand - Clothes

It's time for a wash.

No, not that kind of wash, but you will be washing with your hands.

You'll need a tub.

I suppose that will work, if you're needing to wash a lot of clothes.
Yep, clothes.
I've been digging washing most of my clothes by hand lately. It's a very gratifying event. 
I thought smartly to myself if I want my clothes to last longer, I should treat them better. Not that I'm harsh with my clothes, but putting my delicate's in a washing machine that doesn't even have a delicate setting--not so nice.. Forgive me?

I had some inspiration as well from Amachan's (my sister) little stories about how new her boyfriends clothes always look, even a t-shirt he's had for five years. He's very particular about his belongings, in this case his clothes. So, he hand washes nearly everything.

I use a simple tub that I picked up at a local Asian market for around $8. It's a bright blue, my favorite color. It's a much better alternative to what I was previously using, a large glass bowl meant for edibles, not non-edibles. The bowl could only hold two small sweaters max. Not efficient. So--thanks local Asian market!

Never washed anything by hand before? Check out this simple wikihow article that gives clear instructions and a few useful tips. The best tip for me was that if you soak your clothes too long, it can ruin them. (Note to self, stop soaking so long...)
Martha Stewart always has something to say too.

(Image: One, Two, Three)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Redheads, A Few Facts

I am a redhead, and this is my story...
What is that cop show called? It's on the tip of my tongue---Ha! Law and Order. They always have "and this is their story." I think. It's been many years since I've watched an episode, but I'm pretty sure they say that.
Anyhoodles, I've done an Ode to Redheads (I just realized it's one day short of exactly one year since I posted it. Duna-nuna-nuna-naaa!...) before, but I wanted to share more fun facts that I may have missed out on last time. As well, allow me to bombard your retina's with a plethora of images of redheads. You're welcome (I hope). 

  • We are only 1-2% of the worlds population.
    Too little or just enough, thoughts?
  • Redheads occur more frequently (2–6%) in people of northern or western European ancestry, and less frequently in other populations. As well, you'll find most redheads in Western Europe.
    The U.S. has the largest population of redheads, but it has an unfair advantage: its square mileage.