Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grown On Me - Boyfriend

There are some groups and solo artists out there that did not instantly win me over. Sometimes I had to listen to their work several times to become a fan. This makes me think of Simon and Martina's review on GG's recent song I Got A Boy

"I’m also going to argue against potential comments here from people who say that the song is a lot better when you listen to it a lot more.... If I listen to it another 20 times, I might start liking it.... I don’t want to have to work hard at liking a pop song.... don’t make me put effort into liking your song.

I wonder, is this what I did? Did I have to put effort into liking this male Korean group called Boyfriend
I'm going to say no. I never took the effort to try to like them. Sure, in the past I came across a couple songs and I was not blown away by them. Their music style as well as visual style is very aegyo. It seems only very recently have they been maturing their image because after all, the boys are growing up. I think the youngest may still be 17. 

I'm not sure I will ever remember all their names.

Back to the aegyo thing. Boyfriend's aegyo concept was just not my thing because they kind of took it the 10th power. I was also never able to watch a video of there's all the way through because of it. So perhaps this is proving that I did not try to like them. Let's assume it does.

Why do I like them now? If I can say simply, my music taste is ever evolving. Truly it is. Heck, I'm even enjoying Korean hip-hop now and normally any form of hip-hop made me cringe and die a little inside. Okay maybe the last part is taking it too far, but you understand that it didn't float my boat.

I find this all to be rather fun, a good change. I can enjoy a heavy dose of cutie-cutie to make me feel super bubbly inside and some more deep and profound pieces that make me think (hip-hop for example).
I'm repeating myself, but some days I just want to listen to super pop music, such as Boyfriend, and other days I'm in the mood for music that has more depth to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all pop music is fluffy nonsense. I don't think that's the case at all. Simply, some days I just want unicorns and bunnies, other days it's raining yet I'm still holding a duck umbrella for smiles. Hm, it would be great to have a duck umbrella...

What groups or artists grew on you over time?


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