Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Music Review :: B.A.P. "Rain Sound"

There has been some complaint, for lack of a better word (maybe ?), about yet another change to B.A.P.'s sound. Folk are really fond of their powerful sound like with Warrior and Power. I'm a big fan of it too, but I view the song as a piece by itself. In and of itself, it is a good song, at least I think so.

Time to contradict myself:
I do understand the point that Simon made, that B.A.P. stood out from the rest of the K-pop crowd with their tougher sound. With some of their recent releases, like Rain Sound, yes they do sound a bit like everyone else. I can only assume it's the managements decision to release this change to make them appealing to a larger audience. For business, yes it makes sense. Should they do it? Weelllll, I don't think so. They are very unique with their powerful side and they should explore that, not try to fit in necessarily... I still like the song, though.

On a lighter note, how addictive is the "Whoa, whoa-ohh-whoa" scattered throughout? Very, like a cup 'o joe in the morning. Can't live without it.
But "Phuuuu another pretty boy ballad." Pretty boy? Yes. (We're ignoring the jail bait Zelo right now). Yes it's a ballad, but I think these gents did it justice and I happen to like some ballads.

Yongguk, you can sing for me all day. Without coming across strongly has Mrs. Creeperson, holy snaps is your deep voice so--delicious. Nope, not creepy at all... So please, read me a bed time story. Himchan, you can alternate nights with Yongguk.

Between 1:30-1:40, I loved Zelo's soft rapping? I'm not sure what to call it, but this is the first time I've heard him rap with less attitude. The song seemed to call for it and I liked it.

However, Zelo why did you just let the vase drop as if you were defeated, near the 1:49 mark? You let out a hearty scream just beforehand. Perhaps the thought process was, "RAAAAA, I will throw you across the room!! Oh, no wait, too much effort, plus my hand went soft. I'll just drop it here."

Being so emotional can wipe you clean of energy in a hurry. I understand, bro. Can I call you bro?

 Jongup, seriously, you must teach me your twirling skills. As well, don't be offended when I say you have a beautiful voice. I don't think you're showcased enough.

Youngjae sir, not sure how I feel about how you were handling that mannequin (2:04-2:07). 

Whoa, that's a lot of paint. I don't think your mom's will be pleased. If all else fails, tell her it's the new trend.

Visually I quite enjoyed the video. I never felt bored, despite only a few location changes. The lighting distortions, the shaking of the camera complimented the tone of the song, which is always a fun thing. Was it super original for a sad song? Nope, but apparently it didn't bother me.

I'm assuming the girl they lost is dead. Gosh that sounded abrupt.. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the ambulance, all the water filled eyes, the paint splatter symbolism (if you can call it that), etc is signifying that their lady is gone, yes? If not, then wow turkey these are some dramatic lads.

I've realized I am never consistent on how I come to like a song. It always varies for me, liking it instantly, not feeling swayed either way or taking a few listens for a song to grow on me.That makes sense, ya?

With Rain Sound, I'd say I liked it the first listen. I can't be bias for that either. It took me a few listens of Stop It for it to grow on me. Indeed their aegyo change was a bit jarring, but now I find it rather hilarious.

B.A.P - Rain Sound | LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring ♫
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  1. Hi. THanks for stopping by my blog again. Always nice to read your comments. As for what fabric to wear with babies, anything soft and stretchy. I like lycra, yoga pants, and sports bra.

    I actually had to look up BAP Rain Pop on youtube. Good sound. However, really not into guys wearing eyeliner.

    1. You always have good tips and how you write it always happy, so, a fun place to read. =)
      And I'm sure all these fabrics are easy to wash, check. Thank you!

      Ah, I'm glad you mentioned that. I put links to their video in the post. Haha, you'll see guys wearing eyeliner fairly often in K-pop. It's like a costume, they just do it for performances.