Monday, January 21, 2013

Pizza, a Little Healthier

Pizza is very rarely a dish that I go for. Generally I find it too salty, greasy and just makes me feel like crap inside. I'm making this sound so attractive.. So how I make it enjoyable and not make me feel like crap afterward is some simple additions.

Our dinner last night. Pardon the quality, I just snapped a picture with my phone.

The only pizza I will eat (generally) when I happen to crave it is DiGiorno. Pictured above is the spinach, mushroom and thankfully not too heavy garlic. Alone this probably would have still upset my stomach a little. So, my wonderful hubby added small shrimp, thinly sliced tomato's and mixed spinach and greens on the side. Perfect. One large slice did it for me. To top it off I had apple juice, diluting it slightly with ice so the flavor wasn't too overpowering. 

With the leftovers today, we didn't add tomato's, but still had the shrimp and mixed greens with a small dollop of dressing to add little somethin' to it. The apple juice was a given for me and afterwards we shared sliced cantaloupe.

 They make me think of boats. My husband was very kind to slice it into small bite sizes, which is how I prefer to eat fruit. Spoiled habit, ah well.

Well, I only ate a few slices because it wasn't floating my boat today. When we purchased the cantaloupe I was thinking of mango.. Both orange and whatnot. Ahem. I will have you next time mango.

How do you make some of your meals a little more healthy?

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