Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Redheads, A Few Facts

I am a redhead, and this is my story...
What is that cop show called? It's on the tip of my tongue---Ha! Law and Order. They always have "and this is their story." I think. It's been many years since I've watched an episode, but I'm pretty sure they say that.
Anyhoodles, I've done an Ode to Redheads (I just realized it's one day short of exactly one year since I posted it. Duna-nuna-nuna-naaa!...) before, but I wanted to share more fun facts that I may have missed out on last time. As well, allow me to bombard your retina's with a plethora of images of redheads. You're welcome (I hope). 

  • We are only 1-2% of the worlds population.
    Too little or just enough, thoughts?
  • Redheads occur more frequently (2–6%) in people of northern or western European ancestry, and less frequently in other populations. As well, you'll find most redheads in Western Europe.
    The U.S. has the largest population of redheads, but it has an unfair advantage: its square mileage.

  • MC1R gene directs redheads’ bodies to produce more of the red-gold pigment pheomelanin, and less of the dark pigment eumelanin.
    Hence, we burn.
  • We are extra sensitive to heat and cold, making us more--sensitive and thus often require more anesthesia.
  • More prone to diseases.
    Phuuuu. So, if we want to live like vampires and avoid the sun, we need to take vitamin D pills to make up for what we don't get enough of.

  • Seen as less attractive.
    Well phewy to that. According to some article it's because we’re prone to sporting premature age lines sooner than other folk. Agree to disagree.
  • More active in the "sexy heeey" setting.
    Ahem. I will add nothing to this.
  • No, we are not going extint. We will always be a rarity, but not extinct. We've been around for thousands of years, hazza!

  • Not all redheads have freckles. I myself have very few.
  • No, not all redheads are hot-tempered. It can be hard to anger me often times and in general I'm a very patient person.

  • During the Middle Ages, red hair and green eyes was seen as a sign of either being a witch, werewolf or vampire.
    I'd rather be a witch like in Harry Potter. I was disappointed to not get a letter when I was 11--but that's a different topic.
  • Not all redheads have blue, green or hazel eyes. I have brown eyes, but in the right lighting it has this warm copper quality to it. I call them my doe eyes, very useful.

    I don't think I could ever or want to grow out my hair THIS long, but I am still letting it grow down to my waist. I had hair to my waist when I was in the 5th grade. Hair that long makes me think of a renaissance princess...I would like to be a princess.

    I cannot forget to include this handsome redhead bias. 


    I'd like to add at the end of all future posts what I am listening too as I, well, post. Fashion bloggers always include what they are wearing, often at the bottom of a post. I'm not really a fashion blogger, so this is my, um, added bonus jonus interpretation. Yes.
    It's often many songs, but I will put just one this round.
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  1. I think all redheads are beautiful!
    My secondary school teacher was a redhead and he was so god damn hot!
    I love your facts, they made me laugh

    1. Well thank you! Redhead men too often have such a bad wrap in particular.
      Shucks, I'm glad I could make you chuckle. =3

  2. Could there be anything more special than a redhead?
    That was obviously a rhetorical question, because the answer is no. What a surprise...
    I hope to someday marry a redhead.

    1. It's hard to read tone in words, but thank you? Haha, you do seem adamant about wanting a redhead. Good luck to you sir! =]

  3. I have the hugest crush on red haired men.... why oh why arent there more?

    1. Haha, if you are in Great Britain, you may have a better chance spotting more of them. I'm from the US and indeed I rarely see them.

  4. Do you know the name of the guy with the short hair, red ( of course :P ), shirtless, green-eyed? Thanks ^^

    1. Haha, not at all unfortunately. I believe I found the image of him on Pinterest. Best of luck on your search! =D

  5. Found him! His name is Andre Klitzke! Thank you!

  6. I like everything rare and definitely red hair people.. Your hair color is nature wonder..

  7. I like being a redhead :) And about that thing where it's 'not attractive'. Ya Right! All my life people have wanted my hair and told me how beautiful it was. When I entered beauty school I got sooooo many good comments about it. The downside IS that we're so sensitive. For me the eyes are the worse. They're so senstive their are days when the weather is nice but I still can't go out because it's too bright even though everyone else says it's not.