Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wardrobe Wish :: More Green

I'd love to have more green in my wardrobe, having only 3 tops in this wonderfully complimentary color (for the hair and such).
Only when reading Chriselle's blog did I learn that emerald green (specifically) is the "color of the season," or something of that nature. I only ever know about trends and whatnot from the blogs I read otherwise I'm sure I'd be peacefully unaware. I wear what I like and that's that. *insert silly grin*

Anyhoodles, I had fun gathering bits and bobs that are currently for sale. I think it wouldn't be fair of me to share these rawesome, with an r, images and you folk not being able to get your paws on them if you so desired. You're welcome... Sure it may be irrelevant some months down the road, but pish-posh let's not fuss about such time technicalities.

 I should not "window shop" in one sitting, takes sooo long. Therefore, I have chosen pieces from just three places: Modlcoth, Chicwish and ThreadSense. I was attempting to find more funky pieces, spice things up a bit, but I think all my pickings are fairly neutral (for me)--BUT still rawesome.

I could blabber on a great deal about what I like about each piece, but instead I'd like to know which is your favorite piece and why. 
Also, what colors would you like to incorporate more into your wardrobe?

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  1. I am loving those greens! I love emerald green especially, it just radiates elegance! I want more colours in general! My closet is filled with neutrals and blacks so I really want to incorporate more colour during winter xo

  2. That is quite true, I think because emerald is a jewel tone is does exemplify elegance (like all jewel tones).
    Although I do have a good balance between neutrals and colors, I'd really enjoy adding more bright colors to my wardrobe. And I think colors will only add to your happy disposition. =)

  3. love that backpack!

    1. Isn't it fantastic? =D
      I've been wanting a small backpack to use, switch it up when I'm not wanting to use my purse.