Friday, January 18, 2013

Wash It By Hand - Clothes

It's time for a wash.

No, not that kind of wash, but you will be washing with your hands.

You'll need a tub.

I suppose that will work, if you're needing to wash a lot of clothes.
Yep, clothes.
I've been digging washing most of my clothes by hand lately. It's a very gratifying event. 
I thought smartly to myself if I want my clothes to last longer, I should treat them better. Not that I'm harsh with my clothes, but putting my delicate's in a washing machine that doesn't even have a delicate setting--not so nice.. Forgive me?

I had some inspiration as well from Amachan's (my sister) little stories about how new her boyfriends clothes always look, even a t-shirt he's had for five years. He's very particular about his belongings, in this case his clothes. So, he hand washes nearly everything.

I use a simple tub that I picked up at a local Asian market for around $8. It's a bright blue, my favorite color. It's a much better alternative to what I was previously using, a large glass bowl meant for edibles, not non-edibles. The bowl could only hold two small sweaters max. Not efficient. So--thanks local Asian market!

Never washed anything by hand before? Check out this simple wikihow article that gives clear instructions and a few useful tips. The best tip for me was that if you soak your clothes too long, it can ruin them. (Note to self, stop soaking so long...)
Martha Stewart always has something to say too.

(Image: One, Two, Three)

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