Friday, February 8, 2013

Casual Date, Trail Adventures

With the weather a bit warmer, this past weekend the husband and I wanted to enjoy a casual date at a trail--and to break our hermit habits for a couple hours. The hubby had borrowed a lens from a friend so he brought along his camera to play with it. Being the willing genuine pig, the following visuals is what ensued. Should I mention that I have a background in theatre? Yes, yes I think that will help clear any questions that may arise. 

..Bum shot.

 Get ready, set, Go go go!

 Oh yeah, feel the burn.

 I'm good, totally fine.


I'm done with this game. That was at least 100 feet.

Ahh, this water-liquid is refreshing.

Phuuuuu, another hill. That's a hill, I swear.

When I don't want to run, I...

Ten points if you can match each dance move to the correct song. Hint, they're all from K-pop.

I can be normal too:

...Really, another hill?

When it comes to posing and creating a "pretty" image, I do not find myself to be photogenic.  The few outfit pictures that I have posted, half the time I had no idea what to do with my body let alone my face. Being silly, being myself, is far easier and far more fun. 
It may not seem it, but I am often a shy person so for me to show you friendly folk my beautifully awkward faces is a big step up for me. I've crossed a big barrier and the grass really is greener over here--thus far. And so, allow me to share more derp faces in the future, I think it will be fun.

P.S. How awesome is by big bobble poof-poof hat?

(First dance is SHINee "Ring Ding Dong," 2nd: Super Junior "Sorry Sorry," 3rd: f(x) "Hot Summer")