Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reverse Aging?

Isn't it funny how when we're younger we want to grow up so we don't have to hear our parents say, "..when you're older" and yet once we're older we want to be younger. Kind of a generalization, but it makes sense.
I am by no means old, but I do find myself gravitating towards cute (you'll want a synonym to this word by the end) and child-like things. Although, who is to say cartoons, stuffed animals, and cups shaped like dinosaurs are specifically for kids?

With that in mind, I swear my husband and I are going to end up with nothing but cutesy decorations in our place. Not to the extreme that it looks like you're walking into some bizarre toy store, I have my limits too. Just more color and hints of cute things would be nice.

I'm always influenced by Martina and watching Korean and Japanese music videos and shows in particular. Martina is always wearing adorable (synonym #1) and girly clothing, like puffy dresses with white tights. As for the Korean and Japanese videos, you can be sure to be slapped in the face with cute things, everywhere.
My sister, who has been to Japan twice now, mentioned that cute things are indeed everywhere there. It can be a busy and stressful life for Japanese people (generalizing here), so it makes sense why they'd want to surround themselves with uplifting colors and cute things.

Repeating myself here, but isn't it interesting that often when we're older, that is when we appreciate the cute and simple things in life? For the most part anyway.
I know when I was a teen I wanted to be taken seriously and thought I was too old for Disney World, which I visited when I was 14. Now I can't wait to go back with my husband and have a ball of a time taking photos with Winnie the Pooh and riding in those spinning teapots. Pure magic.

 Teapot Lamp

I think the moral of the story here is you're never to old to take pictures with Mickey Mouse, play with lego's, wear a shirt that has a bunny on it, sleep in pajam-jams with frogs all over it--whatever it might be. If you're 40 and you're still eating out of a Batman lunchbox, should it matter? If it makes you happy, I say go for it.

Small World Sweater

Do you think any of us are ever too old to enjoy the cute things in life, whatever that may be?

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