Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Fav's :: Photography & Chat-Time

Yes! I have a new toy to play with. Well, it's technically old (9-ish years old), yet new to me and it's not really a toy, but I see it as a toy. Anywho, I've finally been able to practice photography. I talked about wanting to learn about it for my 2012 resolutions, but never really got to. Um, good things come to those who wait patiently?
Using my husbands fancy pants photography equipment, I took fancy pants pictures for a near future post. It'll be a review on beauty products and I had fun playing with props--with the products. I think that made sense.. Soon you will see my skillz, with a z.

I was able to visit my sister this weekend and one of the many reasons I enjoy seeing her pretty face is because she too enjoys talking about K-pop. This is such a needed outlet for me because although my hubby lovingly tolerates my frequent ramblings about the world of K-pop shtuff, I need someone who will more or less fan-girl with me. Not creepy fan girl times, just talk for a few hours about it without tiring. That's not too much to ask for, right?

One of our goals when she and I visit Korea, some day, is to experience a boy band concert. Boy band in our eyes are groups like SHINee or U-Kiss. I have a feeler though that Amachan highly leans towards seeing SHINee. OH, oh wait. I just remembered she would also like to see JYJ or even TVXQ. We both fell for K-pop thanks to the once 5 member group DBSK/TVXQ. They'll always be our bias.

Yoochun, left, is my bias and Jaejoong, right, is my sister's bias from the used to be 5 member DBSK.

I'm sure there's a topic that you fully enjoy, yet only a few or even one other person appreciates too. For me it's K-pop that I can only gush about with my sister. My husband absolutely loves numbers and fixing computers, but he can't get super detailed with me because it will go over my head.
What is something you love, but few others around you also appreciate?

♫  Eric Nam - Heaven's Door | DGNA - Love Parade | TVXQ - Mirotic 

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