Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where Do You Come From? Inspiration For Blogging

Was the title confusing? Silly, of course I know most of you are from Earth. What I meant was where do you find your inspiration to blog? Depending on the type of blog, I can imagine your answers could potentially vary greatly. This question doesn't apply merely when you have writers block, well that is included, but at any time.

One approach I took last night to find inspiration was reading through my list of potential post topics and adding to it. I recall reading on a favored blog,, a guest author had mentioned that he has a list of post topics in the hundreds. Plural folks and in the hundreds for goodness sake. I wish I had such a large reservoir to pull from. I currently have just over 50 ideas to pick through, which may seem like plenty but there are times none of them catch my fancy to write about. Thus my desire to build onto it.

I use Microsoft's One Note to organize my blogging world--stuff. I have one page dedicated to my topics of choice and so they make sense I have them categorized, such as beauty, culture, DIY, food, inspiration, language, and so forth. They're also alphabetized too because organization is cool.

Where else do I find inspiration?
Everywhere, but some specifics:
  • Simon and Martina because they're a ball (or balls?) of creativity. I love the skits they create because it gives me ideas of pictures I can take for funzies.
  • My hubby. He's chalk full of possibilities considering his background, born and raised in Thailand and whatnot. It feels like more of an effort to find information on Thailand, so getting it from a source so close and personable is pure gold.. Or silver, I like silver better.
  • Cliché-ish, but the music I listen to and the music videos I watch. The styles I see may inspire a new way to utilize my wardrobe, and the message of the song has inspired some of my relationship posts.
  • Bloggers and YouTube peeps. It only makes sense, I follow folk that share similar interests so it's natural to draw inspiration from what they talk about.
  • Everyday chores. Really. I even wrote about enjoying washing things by hand.

My list could go on and on. In a sense it may be easier for me to draw inspiration from so many places because my blog is a general lifestyle blog. I talk about anything that interests me. Although I would say that my bubble here is leaning more and more towards mainly Asian items, to put it broadly. 

I give props to folk out there that are far more focused, like style, food, travel bloggers and so on. I don't think being focused on one topic is limiting per say, just more challenging in some aspects. For example, yes I enjoy playing with my style and I have ideas for DIY clothing projects to revamp my wardrobe, but I personally feel like I wouldn't have enough jive to stick to that one topic.

Back to my curiosity.
Where do you draw inspiration from whether you have writers block or not?
Where do you record your ideas?

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  1. Great to hear your thoughts on blogging! Very organised indeed (:

    x Michelle |

    1. Thank you, I do love organization in all aspects of my life, though I don't think I'm OCD--yet. =D
      Hopefully you got a bit of inspiration in the process. =)