Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thai Music, Comforting A Void

You know how once something is gone you really want it back?
That was a silly question, I'm sure all of you have felt this in one fashion or another. Anywho, I'm having one of those moments, and a moment that will last a handful of days. Allow me now to sound wallow-y…is that even a word? It is now. Back to my point, the hubby is gone for far too many days for my liking, so to cheer myself up I am turning to Thai music. Brilliant.

Meet Peck Palitchoke, a fairly new Thai singer who won a singing competition and shazaam he's in the profesh singing sphere. Welcome bro.

Even though he doesn't speak Thai that often around me, it's always pleasant and comforting when he does. So it only makes sense that I want to fill my [current] void with Thai music. I thought it only polite to share this happy music with you happy folk, perhaps broaden your lyrical/musical world as well. See, even in my misery I still share 'goodness' with you. Dramatics for the win.

This song is actually about coca-cola, and although I don't drink soda I enjoy this song because one of my favorite Thai bands sing it so happily, Tattoo Colour [is their name].

Yay! more Tattoo Colour. The video is so corky and fun, which is how TC usually are. Tell me you don't want to dress in an over-sized bow tie and checkered socks afterwards. I do.

I'm curious to know about some of your experiences.
When your significant other is away for a few days (or longer), what do you do to cope with your…emptiness?

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'The Hobbit,' A Few Thoughts

I haven't even bothered reading critic reviews on this film because simply, I liked it a great deal and that's that. I can take a guess anyway at what the professional peeps may nit-pick about, such as the length of the film and "Really, another trilogy? "
"Ohh myyy gaawwd, Peter Jackson just wants to make a butt-load of money."
I'll just jump in and say that I do think it makes sense to make The Hobbit into a trilogy because if you break the book down, Bilbo goes on three major adventures. If you try squashing that into even a three hour film, you won't do the book justice.

An Unexpected Journey may be just under 3 hours long, but when I watched it so splendidly for the first time on the big screen, I thought a few times, "It's not going to end here is it?" I'm not sure if my numb bum could have tolerated another hour, but my brain could have.

Allow me to contradict myself now. Ahem, as much as I enjoyed the movie, yes there were scenes that could have been shaved off a bit. For instance the introduction of all the dwarves; I wouldn't be surprised if the scenes alone in Bilbo's house took up 20 minutes or more. Although I appreciated the detail Mr. Jackson put in, perhaps he could have used some of the material/scenes in an extended edition for DVD, not for the theatrical release.

I should have known Mr. Jackson would make this film not so kid friendly, despite the book being written for kids. Still, he did manage to leave in a lot of the same humor and care-free bits from the book into the movie to have its own unique feel compared to The Lord of the Rings; I really appreciated that.

If you were not impressed by Martin Freeman then you are a dirty filthy liar. Maybe not dirty and filthy, but still a liar. I was completely sold on Freeman's portrayal of Bilbo. This man had an expression for everything and he has a knack for comedic timing.

I had no issue seeing Freeman's Bilbo as a younger version of Ian Holm's Bilbo. Freeman easily weaved in little habits and mannerisms that Mr. Holm's had previously given Bilbo. For instance Holm's and Freeman have the same dignified standing posture, holding their hands clasped behind their back. These little details really help give a proper depth to a character.

If I allow myself to write any further, I know this review will become a scene by scene breakdown. Seriously, I have something to say on almost every character just for starters. So, you're welcome…for me stopping myself.

Anyhoodles, I'd really like to know your thoughts on the film. If you have a favorite scene, character, aspects you weren't thrilled about. Plus I'm fishing for a way to keep talking about the movie. Indulge me please, I thank you.

♫ The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring ♫
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Favorites :: The Hobbit & K-Dramas

Two potentially large topics I can yammer on and on about, but I'll keep it short and simple for your sake. Well that and I do wish to yammer on in particular about The Hobbit, but more in depth in its own glorified post. Did that sound dramatic? ..I'm okay with that.

Never start any Tolkien based movie directed by Mr. Jackson too close to bed time. You will not finish it. Watching The Hobbit in the comfort of my own home for the first time, though split into two viewings was a combined enjoyable three hours. Don't listen to the critics Mr. Jackson, make these movies as long as you like.

Unlike me, the husband can't watch a movie more than once in even a weeks time. I, however, can fully manage to watch a single movie multiple times in one week. Once I get hooked on something, watch out--the boogie man will come? Okay no, simply when I get hooked on a show, movie, song, I can play it out for months before I finally need a break from it. I'm sure some of you can relate. Right guys? Guys..?

Korean dramas are dangerous time traps, once you get sucked into a show it becomes a need to keep watching it. I don't think I'm exaggerating.
I can never keep my full focus on one drama, I always have a few going on at once. I've paused on quite a few, more than I care to admit, but two in particular I know I will finish soon, which are To The Beautiful You (above) and Can You Hear My Heart (below). You can definitely expect a review on both, but which one will win for this month? You will just have to wait. I know you will wait in anticipation… Or not.

I mentioned in my review for A Gentleman's Dignity that I am doing drama reviews once a month now.
Do you have a preference of having reviews at the beginning or the end of each month?
Please let me know. =)

U-Kiss - Standing Still | U-Kiss - Neverland | Infinite H - Special Girl
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Career Evolution: Creature Or Librarian?

It's always interesting to know what people wanted to be when they grew up. Of course the answer would change almost each year. Still, don't you agree the job can sometimes tell a lot about a person?
What you wanted to be or do is influenced on many things:
Your environment.
Your friends and family.
Your favorite book or toy.
Your pet lizard or cat.
Your hunky-hunky history teacher once you realized boys don't have cooties anymore.
So on and so on, the list could continue.

For the most part there were legit jobs/careers I considered, but there were a few times I wanted to be a certain something, if you follow me. If not, you'll understand in a moment.

When I was probably 7 years old I wanted to be a maid. I think this came about because one of my aunts had made a little apron to tie around my waist, and thus I loved playing "maid" while wearing it.

This was an off and on desire for many years growing up because I love reading books. Makes perfect sense.

What girl did not idolize the Olsen twins? Be honest. Fine, you in the corner didn't like them, but many girls did while growing up. Of course I still love acting (did a fair amount of theatre), but that first spark came from Mary-Kate and Ashley. Thanks ladies.

You know, I'm not even sure where this came from. I think this was the closest thing to being a lawyer without having to be one…yeah. This thought bubble lasted a little over a year.

Mermaid, Centaur and Fairy
I thought listing all mystical creatures in one go made sense. Since I grew up with Disney and have red hair of course I was drawn to Arial from The Little Mermaid. The centaur part came about from two sources, Fantasia and Zena Warrior Princess. Did anyone else watch that show? Epic times. As for being a tiny flying fairy, I think most little girls wanted to be one.
The desire to be a mystical creature lasted through a good portion of my teen years. It's not weird, it's just thinking outside of the box.

Now you know some of the things I wanted to be while growing up, most of them realistic.
What did you want to be when you grew up or are you still trying to decide?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Paddy's Day

It's either disrespectful to call St. Patrick Paddy or it's purely wonderful because we lovingly gave him a nickname... I'll clearly go with the latter.

Anyhoo, since I have Irish in my body particles and history and whatnot, I was curious to know more about this holiday, since where I live people have a very fuzzy perception of this religious holiday.

First, let me start off with an Irish toast:
The Scots have their whisky,
the Welsh have their tongue,
but the Irish have Paddy,
who’s second to none!

Here's the biggy and main point:
Saint Paddy's Day is a traditional day of spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. Also, it is the commemoration of Saint Patrick's death. Think of it though as celebrating his life, ya.
Tagging along at the end, what we already know, it is associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck.

  • Yes green is the symbol of Ireland (this came about in the 19th century), but the original color for St. Patrick's Day was blue. Inconceivable! 
  • The St. Patrick’s Day custom came to America in 1737.

What’s good luck on St. Paddy's Day?
  • Four leaf clovers, which is double the luck.
  • Wearing green. We can blame school children for starting the pesky tradition of pinching someone who does not dawn the color. I don't appreciate this.
  • Kissing the blarney stone.

  • St. Patrick is originally from England, had some bad history with Ireland, but went back many years later as a Bishop to spread the good word, so to speak. Clearly St. Patrick left a good impression since Ireland has celebrated in his name for over 1000 years.

  • Leprechauns are actually a part of Celtic folklore, they never had anything to do with St. Patrick's Day until in 1959 Walt Disney (it always comes back to him somehow) released a film that showcased leprechauns as cheerful and friendly. Thus, this recognizable symbol of both St. Patrick's Day and Ireland is purely American invention.

  • There are 34.7 million U.S. residents with Irish ancestry. This number is more than seven times the population of Ireland itself. Now that's what you call ironic.
  • Irish is the nation's second most frequently reported ancestry, ranking behind German. Well coinky-dink, I have both of those ancestries in me.

Since you now know Irish and German are part of my heritage, what is yours?

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Felt,' A Whole New Adventure

Who else likes being crafty-crafty?
Who likes cute furry animals?
Of course you do, otherwise you're animal racist.
And who likes the Lord of the Rings?
Okay you don't have to answer the last question…although I am curious.

Point being, I've really been wanting to make my own felt animals (among other things, really) since I've seen buzbeauty's tutorials on how to make felt cat's and dogs.

I'd never thought about craft work with felt before, but Bubz has put an enticing light on the subject. I've normally been more of a sewing, knitting, coloring, painting--okay many things kind of gal. No harm in exploring another crafty-crafty realm though.

I won't be able to start this, though I'd love to, magical goodness soon, but I do have a few ideas of whom I'd like to make:

You know, I've always wanted a black cat. Phew phew to those superstitions about them.

I've said it before, but Pascal is my favorite character from Tangled. He's just so darn adorable.

Got to love a blue optimistic fish. 

What are some of your favorite craft past times?

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Fav's :: Tangled, Designing & Sabrina

Movies and shows, I always go through this [obsession] faze where I just want to watch it over and over. Right now, it's Tangled. Did anyone notice at the beginning of the film, the [kids] mobile had references to different parts of the movie? Their was a chameleon, horse, duck, Cupid and something else that flashes by, but I have yet to catch. It's a clever move to show what is to come, no?

Pascal is probably my favorite character. This is a rare time I will ever be drawn to a cold blooded creature, which may or may not be an unfair judgment. Either way, Pascal is smart, adorable and I really love the little noises they made for him--if that makes sense.
Because of Bubz and her recent tutorials on felt animals, Pascal is one character I'd love to make.

The husband really likes Maximus, but greatly due to the fact the horse acts like a dog, which the hubby loves.



I'm pretty sure my husband has had this planned out all along, but he's slowly making me more of a computer geek. Well, the pretty and "creative" side at least. See, he loves working on the coding for websites, the tech side of making sites work where as I enjoy the visual side of it---aka, the design work.
So, I'm in the process of teaching myself to be a web designer. The way I'm functioning though, I need and want to know some of the non-design work bits and bobs that go into making a functional website. I won't bog you down with too much technical nonsense, just know I'm starting to see why my husband loves numbers so much…in the right light, numbers are sexy. *sexy winky face*

This is very recent re-discovery, but holy snaps I miss Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I had a poster of her hanging over my bed when I was younger.
I watched the pilot episode with the hubby and despite the super corny humor (which I'm full of) and vibrant 90s feel radiating from it, he liked it. Yes!

My favorite episodes are when Sabrina is in high school, not as much when she goes to college. Sometimes you need a show like this--a show that doesn't take itself too seriously, which is rather refreshing.
Who else watched the tag along movies, such as Sabrina Goes To Rome or Sabrina Down Under? Out of the 3-4 movies, Sabrina Goes To Rome was always my favorite.

What is something you miss about the 90s?

♫  Coffee Boy - Is This Love (ft. Haeun) | Handsome People - Woowei Woowei  ♫
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Playlist For The Sick

There's a playlist for many things like working out, getting your flirt on (seducing?), time to wake up (maybe not for everyone), when you're feeling sad, etc. I've yet to hear of playlists for when you're sick. Well there could be, but for the sake of this post, let's say there is not--till now. Shazaam!

You know, I was doing so well with my non-sick streak of at least 2 1/2 years, perhaps a bit longer. Now I have to start from scratch. I blame my friend, she knows who she is.
Anywhoodles, although I'm feeling a bit better, is it some rule that a person must have a cough at the end? The type of cough that makes the throat hurt and your voice sound sooo not sexy? I'm not a fan.

I really only have one requirement for my sick playlist: the music must have an upbeat feeling to it. Simple enough. The following are some of the songs that make the cut.
Click the links to hear the songs, they're the magic portal.

What songs would be on your sick playlist?


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