Friday, March 22, 2013

Career Evolution: Creature Or Librarian?

It's always interesting to know what people wanted to be when they grew up. Of course the answer would change almost each year. Still, don't you agree the job can sometimes tell a lot about a person?
What you wanted to be or do is influenced on many things:
Your environment.
Your friends and family.
Your favorite book or toy.
Your pet lizard or cat.
Your hunky-hunky history teacher once you realized boys don't have cooties anymore.
So on and so on, the list could continue.

For the most part there were legit jobs/careers I considered, but there were a few times I wanted to be a certain something, if you follow me. If not, you'll understand in a moment.

When I was probably 7 years old I wanted to be a maid. I think this came about because one of my aunts had made a little apron to tie around my waist, and thus I loved playing "maid" while wearing it.

This was an off and on desire for many years growing up because I love reading books. Makes perfect sense.

What girl did not idolize the Olsen twins? Be honest. Fine, you in the corner didn't like them, but many girls did while growing up. Of course I still love acting (did a fair amount of theatre), but that first spark came from Mary-Kate and Ashley. Thanks ladies.

You know, I'm not even sure where this came from. I think this was the closest thing to being a lawyer without having to be one…yeah. This thought bubble lasted a little over a year.

Mermaid, Centaur and Fairy
I thought listing all mystical creatures in one go made sense. Since I grew up with Disney and have red hair of course I was drawn to Arial from The Little Mermaid. The centaur part came about from two sources, Fantasia and Zena Warrior Princess. Did anyone else watch that show? Epic times. As for being a tiny flying fairy, I think most little girls wanted to be one.
The desire to be a mystical creature lasted through a good portion of my teen years. It's not weird, it's just thinking outside of the box.

Now you know some of the things I wanted to be while growing up, most of them realistic.
What did you want to be when you grew up or are you still trying to decide?

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