Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Felt,' A Whole New Adventure

Who else likes being crafty-crafty?
Who likes cute furry animals?
Of course you do, otherwise you're animal racist.
And who likes the Lord of the Rings?
Okay you don't have to answer the last question…although I am curious.

Point being, I've really been wanting to make my own felt animals (among other things, really) since I've seen buzbeauty's tutorials on how to make felt cat's and dogs.

I'd never thought about craft work with felt before, but Bubz has put an enticing light on the subject. I've normally been more of a sewing, knitting, coloring, painting--okay many things kind of gal. No harm in exploring another crafty-crafty realm though.

I won't be able to start this, though I'd love to, magical goodness soon, but I do have a few ideas of whom I'd like to make:

You know, I've always wanted a black cat. Phew phew to those superstitions about them.

I've said it before, but Pascal is my favorite character from Tangled. He's just so darn adorable.

Got to love a blue optimistic fish. 

What are some of your favorite craft past times?

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