Friday, March 1, 2013

My Korean Husband Blog

Who else has dreamed of having their life brought to--life in cartoon form?

Sometimes words alone are not enough to get a point across. Pictures or moving pictures, known as video (you crazy kids) can naturally have a big impact on displaying a message..
I've tapped into talking about the interracial relationship my husband and I have, but have yet to give a great deal of insight to what it is like. With this in mind, just yesterday while browsing tumblr I stumbled across, or should I say tumbled across (Get it? Word play.. I liked it) a blog called My Korean Husband.

The brain behind this is the beautiful wife (white lady), who for almost a year now has been showing what is like being married to someone of a different ethnicity and background, a Korean gent, in comic strip form. How simple and brilliant is that? Although she often adds further thoughts after the cartoon, the cartoons do have a useful (and fun) stand alone factor.

I'm quite partial, I'm sure, to her blog because many incidents she has so far touched on, I can relate. I can easily imagine myself and my husband doing and saying some of the same things, like the following:

I highly recommend taking a gander at her blog, whether you just like comic strips or do want to learn about Korean culture and the workings of an interracial couple. Ah yes, and this is what they really look like:

I look forward to sharing more of my own insight on the matter in the future. *insert smiley face*

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