Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Purse, Not Luggage

My husband says that I'm like a bunny, which is partly why I'm fond of this little rabbit purse.. No, that's mostly why.

I have never been a purse lady, so there are some things I will never understand about other ladies and their, um, habits with them. I suppose I can follow the desire to have a couple different styles/colors, for instance, so they go with different outfits. But once you exceed even three, that's when I wonder why you need so many.
Sure I have 6 pairs of converse, although one is high tops (totally different), well that's completely irrelevant here. Moving along.

I would love to have a novelty purse like this pocket watch design. If I don't have a real pocket watch, I think a purse version would be awesome too.

I love owls, end of story.

I gravitate towards small purses because
1) I don't carry nor do I want to carry much stuff with me. I see no need to carry my life with me. 
2) Larger purses just make me look like I'm carrying luggage because of my petite frame. Not what I'm going for.

The color is called royal blue, does that mean I will feel like royalty? If not, that's false advertising.

I think the fact that this purse will make me feel like a doctor outweighs the con of it being a bit big for my taste.

If you're a mom with youngins or you're a working lady who has to carry around your work, I can excuse you. For the rest of you though, really, why do you need to carry so much with you?

Once my current purse reaches the end of its life, I know I would like to get a structured purse next time around. I think a structured purse will allow a diverse image of maturity and youth all at the same time. Does that make sense? I'm sure it does.

I do love the classic style of this Chanel purse, but I am never fond of a designers logo stamped on the piece.

I first saw and hearted this Tiffany purse when Wendy styled it so seamlessly on her blog. This would be my "grown up" bag.

What kind of purse gal are you?
Do you like big purses, small, do you have several or just one, do you like structured or unstructured, so on and so forth.

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