Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thai Music, Comforting A Void

You know how once something is gone you really want it back?
That was a silly question, I'm sure all of you have felt this in one fashion or another. Anywho, I'm having one of those moments, and a moment that will last a handful of days. Allow me now to sound wallow-y…is that even a word? It is now. Back to my point, the hubby is gone for far too many days for my liking, so to cheer myself up I am turning to Thai music. Brilliant.

Meet Peck Palitchoke, a fairly new Thai singer who won a singing competition and shazaam he's in the profesh singing sphere. Welcome bro.

Even though he doesn't speak Thai that often around me, it's always pleasant and comforting when he does. So it only makes sense that I want to fill my [current] void with Thai music. I thought it only polite to share this happy music with you happy folk, perhaps broaden your lyrical/musical world as well. See, even in my misery I still share 'goodness' with you. Dramatics for the win.

This song is actually about coca-cola, and although I don't drink soda I enjoy this song because one of my favorite Thai bands sing it so happily, Tattoo Colour [is their name].

Yay! more Tattoo Colour. The video is so corky and fun, which is how TC usually are. Tell me you don't want to dress in an over-sized bow tie and checkered socks afterwards. I do.

I'm curious to know about some of your experiences.
When your significant other is away for a few days (or longer), what do you do to cope with your…emptiness?

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