Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'The Hobbit,' A Few Thoughts

I haven't even bothered reading critic reviews on this film because simply, I liked it a great deal and that's that. I can take a guess anyway at what the professional peeps may nit-pick about, such as the length of the film and "Really, another trilogy? "
"Ohh myyy gaawwd, Peter Jackson just wants to make a butt-load of money."
I'll just jump in and say that I do think it makes sense to make The Hobbit into a trilogy because if you break the book down, Bilbo goes on three major adventures. If you try squashing that into even a three hour film, you won't do the book justice.

An Unexpected Journey may be just under 3 hours long, but when I watched it so splendidly for the first time on the big screen, I thought a few times, "It's not going to end here is it?" I'm not sure if my numb bum could have tolerated another hour, but my brain could have.

Allow me to contradict myself now. Ahem, as much as I enjoyed the movie, yes there were scenes that could have been shaved off a bit. For instance the introduction of all the dwarves; I wouldn't be surprised if the scenes alone in Bilbo's house took up 20 minutes or more. Although I appreciated the detail Mr. Jackson put in, perhaps he could have used some of the material/scenes in an extended edition for DVD, not for the theatrical release.

I should have known Mr. Jackson would make this film not so kid friendly, despite the book being written for kids. Still, he did manage to leave in a lot of the same humor and care-free bits from the book into the movie to have its own unique feel compared to The Lord of the Rings; I really appreciated that.

If you were not impressed by Martin Freeman then you are a dirty filthy liar. Maybe not dirty and filthy, but still a liar. I was completely sold on Freeman's portrayal of Bilbo. This man had an expression for everything and he has a knack for comedic timing.

I had no issue seeing Freeman's Bilbo as a younger version of Ian Holm's Bilbo. Freeman easily weaved in little habits and mannerisms that Mr. Holm's had previously given Bilbo. For instance Holm's and Freeman have the same dignified standing posture, holding their hands clasped behind their back. These little details really help give a proper depth to a character.

If I allow myself to write any further, I know this review will become a scene by scene breakdown. Seriously, I have something to say on almost every character just for starters. So, you're welcome…for me stopping myself.

Anyhoodles, I'd really like to know your thoughts on the film. If you have a favorite scene, character, aspects you weren't thrilled about. Plus I'm fishing for a way to keep talking about the movie. Indulge me please, I thank you.

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  1. Nice review Elissa. The movie is almost 3 hours long and the first hour of the film is slow. I realize that the movie needs build-up, but this time around, it wasn't as interesting as in LOTR. I'm probably going to piss some people off by saying that, but it's just what I felt.

    1. Thanks, I felt my review was a bit short, but I have 2 other chances to talk about it, haha.
      I think The Hobbit is for a different audience than the LOTR, since after all the Hobbit was meant for kids. Still, I can see where you're coming from and it doesn't "piss" me off.