Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Thing Called Snow

Sometimes it takes an outsider, so to speak, to make you appreciate something you're used to. In this case, it's snow. Well, not that I don't think snow is awesome fluffy stuff, but I have a new angle of appreciation for it at least thanks to my husband.

Each time we go outside his face lights up like he's a kid. I kid you not, each time we get in the car, before he get's in he picks up a handful of snow and tosses it onto the windshield of the car. Smiling brightly he says, "We don't have this in Thailand."

The first time he experienced snow was when he was a kid while visiting Germany. He was so excited he ran outside directly into the snow--in relatively proper winter gear except for his velcro shoes. Yes, his shoes did come off.

I think my only beef with snow is, growing up in the midwest, why it does not want to give us a white Christmas each year. A cliché wish, but it would be nice. It's like the weather only wants to give us snow weeks after the fact. Phewy is all I can think to say, nothing of greater strength.

What have you discovered a new appreciation for?

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