Saturday, April 27, 2013

Open The Book, Don't Judge

Grab a snack, I have a lot to say.

I was trying to find a less cliché title, but if it isn't broke, don't fix it right? Yes, we'll go with that.
I recently watched "Draw My Life" by Martina (Eat Your Kimchi). I found it to be an excellent reminder of two basic things, but first a little background info to begin.

I learned that Martina has a medical condition called EDS (Ehlers–Danlos syndrome), which translates to her joints being hypermobile, but not in a good way. She can dislocate joints easily, which she has done countless times and something I didn't expect is she is in pain pretty much all day every day.
This leads to my first point.

1. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Martina looks healthy on the outside, but clearly she is not physically okay on the inside. You never know what physical or mental pain, so to speak, someone could be facing especially if you can't see it physically on the outside.

Nobody likes the initial judgment, not you, not you with the pink hair or you in the back with your arms crossed. We all do it though, but even if you have an initial negative reaction you still have the choice to react positively and not negatively.

One of the jobs I have is a retail job so I have to interact with nearly everyone that comes in, have a conversation with them. For the most part the clientele, if you will, are nice folk but sometimes I do come across someone who is very much closed off or Senor Grumpy Pants. I always do my best to not take it personally and give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't know what happened to them earlier that day to make them grumpy, they could just have a lot on their mind.
Some of the best moments is when a customer tells me that my positive attitude made them smile or brightened their day.

1A. Treat others how you want to be treated.

This really ties in with my first point, but to make it easier (maybe?) let's call this point number 1A.
No matter how grumpy you are, do you really want to be treated with no respect, someone to treat you as equally grumpy or like they could care less about you? No you don't, I don't know why anyone would.
I know it can be tough sometimes, especially on a bad day, but treating those you interact with with respect can help create a wonderful positive domino effect.

2. Be happy with what you already have.

I very rarely have any "play" money or "fun" money and when I do it's usually enough to treat myself to my favorite ice cream, for example. Sometimes I do feel a little bummed that I am not able to purchase a shiny new toy (whatever that may be) even once a month, but it's really okay by the end of the day.


Because I am really lucky to at least have enough to eat, have a comfy roof over my head, clothes to mix and match and so on. I've learned to appreciate what I already have and my ability to be entertained by the smallest thing has been amplified, which I find fun. My hubby has become the same way and speaking of the hubby, he is pure entertainment for me, I don't need anything else. I love talking to him about anything and everything and he is one of the silliest people I know.

I think the shortest way to sum all of this is this:
Think positive. Be positive.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Favorites :: Food Edition

It's been too long folks, too long. Busy and tiring times, but I have goodie items to talk about: food. Who doesn't like food? Exactly.

Mandarin orange's
They are like freakin' candy, but the kind I don't have to feel bad about because it's chalk full of vitamin C. Horray! I've been eating at least 2-3 of these each day, usually after each meal. I find that it settles my stomach and of course they're just pure tiny items of deliciousness.
I have to thank my honey bunches of oats (no, I don't call my hubby that...yet) for opening my world to this...Thanks sweetie!

Oatmeal and tea for breakfast
I miss tea. Growing up I would usually have coffee just on the weekends and through the weekday my mom would usually make tea for me in the morning. Don't mom's always make the best *insert what applies for you*?

It's been a nice change in the mornings and I think tea is lighter than coffee. Does that make sense? Well at least tea compliments my delicious oatmeal better. My favorite oatmeal is the Kashi brand, Heart to Heart, golden brown maple flavor. Mm mmm, good.

Four small meals
I haven't been able to do it often because of my job, but eating 4 smaller meals a day rather than 3 larger ones. I can't put it into comprehensive scientific wording, but I just feel better eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than the typical 3 meals a day. I've never been crazy about such a silly routine anyway, the 3 big meals. The smaller meals feels like snacking, which I prefer. Who's with me? …Anyone? Oh.

I suppose this is all on a healthier route, so what are some of your favorite healthy nom noms (food)?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Native Language Going Down

Something that has been on the forefront of my mind is my language skills, which are slowly declining. Sure I appear to have gold star worthy grammar, potentially expansive vocabulary and so forth on here, but don't let this fool you, after all I do have the luxury of proof reading my work…many times. I'm thinking more so in terms of my speaking abilities.

Before I ramble on too much though, let me just say this: my husband's second language is English and therefore his speaking habits are rubbing off on me. Perhaps this is a, for lack of a better word, warning for anyone who is in the beginning stages of dating a foreigner (who's native language is not yours), perhaps you're seeking an interracial relationship, whatever the case, keep in mind that your pooh-bear's speaking habits have a high chance of rubbing off on you.

What does this translate to?
  • Slowly but surely I'm speaking more like Yoda, sometimes I don't even make as much sense as him.
  • I'm more frequently at a loss for words, they're painstakingly at the tip of my tongue.
  • Since I am still learning Thai, I sometimes think in Thai or want to respond to an English speaker in Thai.

Be prepared you lovely people, for a decline in your native language. It's a sacrifice yes, but well worth it… If I think my English is sub-par now, holy snaps is it going to be even more special when we live in Thailand (some time in the future).

This was just a quick item I wanted to share with you folks, because:
1) For those of you who are interested or are already in an interracial relationship, just be aware of this possibility and
2) I find it amusing that this is happening to me. The hubby feels a bit bad about it, but I let him know that I am completely happy with him and how things are, so don't fuss about my Yoda habits.

Let me know if any of you have experienced this: how you coped with it or did you try to correct it.

Peck Palitchoke - ถูกคนแล้ว | U-Kiss - Standing Still
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring, Bring Some Color Please

I haven't worn makeup in a few years and rarely have a desire to presently [still], but boy oh boy do I want to feel like a fairy princess like Lee Hi in "Rose." The makeup she wears is so youthful, fresh, subtle in its own way and just beautiful.
Will I suddenly go out and buy makeup because of this? Newp, but I will complain inside my noggin that I want to dawn this fresh look. I'm sure that made sense and that's how I roll.

Going along with this fresh look, I'm being sucked into other spring-y aspects like flower headbands, light and bright clothing, airy fabrics and skirts, which is surprising yet not so surprising at the same time. More often than not I wear pants because it's easy, but I've had the urge to feel a little more girly with skirts. Although I never dress super girly I suppose because even with skirts I sport, generally, oxfords or converse...and I should play with my wanna-be Doc Martens more often too. Choices.

I'm attracted to florals any time of the year though, not just in spring. Really, who made these rules that florals are "meant" for spring or velvets are "meant" for autumn, you must not wear colors in winter and other nonsense. Although I think any style "rule" like these and many more would be irrelevant for folk in tropical climates, no? ..Perhaps I digress? Anyhoodles.

With such a lack of color around me in winter, indeed-y I am particularly excited to see the blossoming of colors both in nature and, um, around me on people and inanimate objects. Yes. 

Besides more color perhaps, what are you looking forward to this spring?

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Favorites :: Thailand Travels & Green Times

This will be just as much of a tease for me as it is for you, but the hubby and I have been talking more about what he would like to show me when we [at some point] visit Thailand.

  • Tour around the schools he attended, see the infamous barbed wire (I'm not kidding) gate he jumped to skip off and see a lady.
  • Check out his favorite coffee shops where he spent countless hours with his nose in the books like a good boy.
  • See the floating market because it's just too cool to pass up, and who says no to fresh food?
  • Take a snooze at his dad's garden, ideally during Thailand's "winter time," which is less hot, but still hot…
  • For me, see a beach for the first time--while slathered in sun screen, sitting in the shade and under an umbrella otherwise I just may burst into flame. Burning easy is a small sacrifice for having red hair, folks.
And many many more things to explore.

Organic products: oh my blob it works.

Stop it, stop it right now--using chemical nonsense to clean your household. Using organic natural goodies is environmentally friendly, far more cost effective and there's no chemical odor that unkindly invades your nostrils. I think it's a clear sign that a cleaner is not doing positive things when you have to wear a mask to use it. *raises hand* I've done that before because of a bathtub cleaner that had too strong a scent.

I found this fantastical article about different natural products to clean the different surfaces of the facilities. I used a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, dish soap and warm water to clean my entire bathroom. Worked like a charm. I'm actually rather excited to discover more natural cleaning methods, it makes me happy on the inside--and the outside too.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

About The Nails

I think I have a tendency of being ironic or just saying ironic things. Irony is a fun thing to play with, as Jack Sparrow has shown many times. Anyhow, as much as I enjoy watching nail tutorials or scrolling through images of them, I do not practice this little art, so to speak. It can be a bit costly to delve into this colorful world--call me cheap--but I haven't come to a point of commitment to start.

I think the last time I painted my nails was in high school and mind you with poor technique. I knew nothing in particular about base and top coats, which help prevent the ugly discoloration of nails. Live and learn.
Haha, I was in this emo-ish faze so most often I would only paint my pinky nails black, or black with a red stripe. I'm not even sure what I was trying to say with it. I'm edgy? We'll go with that.

This is Claire's version of a manicure. I'm sure there are other small "proper" things to do, but you still get the big picture from her.

Nail polish aside I do enjoy taking care of my nails, making them look nice and whatnot. I'm sure there are many products out there specific for filing, buffing, moisturizing and so on, buuuut I think my nails turn out nicely with what little I do have and use.
I do have an all in one contraption for filing, buffing and polishing, cuticle oil and clippers which are quite inexpensive really.

Alright alright enough chit-chat. I have included one at home manicure tutorial from a newly favored Youtuber, ohhaiclaire. There are quite a few nail [polish] tutorials I've enjoyed, but I kept it reasonable at two (hard to choose) for you folks to enjoy and hopefully draw some inspiration... Plus, I feel painting your nails is a small way to say, "Hey spring, you are here and you are fresh." Does that make sense? I hope so. Hm, enjoy!

This seems fitting for spring I'd say. I really enjoy vintage goodies in general, so small bias here.

Another one from Bubz yes, call me lazy perhaps. Both relevant though and whatnot. Yes.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Drama Review: Can You Hear My Heart?

Spoilers, I will try to keep them to a minimum and discuss this as cryptically as possible. Try is the key word.

One general complaint I tend to have with long dramas such as this one is they are drawn out too long…heck sometimes dramas that are just 16 episodes can tend to be drawn out. I'm happy that I don't need to complain about it here. Horray! Sure there may have been some scenes that could have been shortened a bit, but overall I felt this was a thoughtfully developed drama.

If you don't enjoy tear-jerkers then overt your eyes immediately, this is not the show for you. I'm not spoiling anything by saying the first 4 episodes at least will make you tear up. The shedding of tears continues on through the whole show, but maybe that's beside the point. Moving on.

Whoa, talk about your dysfunctional families. There are two families in this story, both connected in one way or another and man, either of them would be tiring to live in/with. You will see.

Overall I was impressed with almost everyone's acting, though it'll be easier to say whom didn't tickle my fancy first rather than gushing over everyone. Ahem.

Song Seung Hwan who plays chairman Choi Jin Chul, would have made me a happy camper if he had just used a bigger variety of facial expressions. It felt like he limited himself to just three reactions:
1. His surprised face. So you know, widen the eyes and raise the eyebrows.
2. I'm mad face: let me furrow my eyebrows and shoot some confuzzling death glares at you.
3. Or three, the most overused of them all, his cocky sneer.

Yes he was selfish to the extreme, but I don't know, I feel like there could have been more depth to him. If you've seen the show already, let me know your feels on this matter.

Kim Shin-Ae's character, played by Kang Mun Yeong (right), just drips with a selfish, clingy attitude. It wasn't until the very end that I had a slight change of heart for her, but about 99% of the show I had a hard time liking anything about her. Perhaps that is a sign of acting success, making me dislike her? Maybe a little, but I wish she would have shown some redeeming qualities earlier on to show more depth (I really need to use a different adjective…) to her character.

Such a beautiful, beautiful man... I'm sorry, what?

I'm going against what I said earlier about gushing, but if I had to choose my favorite characters/actors from this show, I'm sorry ladies but it goes to the men. I was highly impressed with the two main characters Cha Dong-Goo and Jang Joon-Ha in particular.

I wouldn't change a thing about Kim Jae Won's portrayal of Dong-Goo. His inner battle of accepting he is deaf was believable and tugged at the heartstrings. Despite Dong-Goo growing up wealthy, I was very glad he never showed it. His character had this pleasant humble quality to him. It didn't always seem like it, but Dong-Goo was a rather complex character and I was pleased at how the writers slowly laid it out in an easy to consume way.

 Stop it with that smile of yours.

Oh Jang Joon-Ha, you were indeed a complex, rather tortured soul weren't you? You couldn't pay me a million bucks to live a day in your shoes. The writers and of course Nam Goong Min (Joon-Ha) did a great job at throwing curve balls at the audience and kept me guessing/wondering what this bloke was really all about. It was like he's bad, he's good, no wait he's definitely bad…hold on--well eff, I don't know what he is anymore. Bravo sir.

I have to put this out there, as much as a love triangle can be a guilty pleasure for me, are love squares going to be a trend now? Can one girl really be that lucky? I'm looking at you Bong Woo Ri.
Although, I will hand it to her, she thankfully didn't play the annoying as balls card, "Oh no, I don't know which guy to choose. What to do?" Gamsahamnida.

All the child actors were fantastic too.

I think, therefore I am. Who said that? Getting distracted...anyhow.
I think I am quite pleased with how this drama ended. It didn't feel rushed like some shows do, nor did I feel like they left anything unresolved, again which does happen with some dramas. Since everything ended with a nice neat bow, I know in my beating heart that there would be nowhere else to go with this story line, but I do have a want for there to be more. In translation, overall a very well thought out, enticing drama and it's up there in my favorites.
Since it's a heavy story line filled with unflattering tear times *raises hand* I won't be watching this again too soon, unlike if it were, well, a light hearted comedy.

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