Monday, April 1, 2013

Drama Review: Can You Hear My Heart?

Spoilers, I will try to keep them to a minimum and discuss this as cryptically as possible. Try is the key word.

One general complaint I tend to have with long dramas such as this one is they are drawn out too long…heck sometimes dramas that are just 16 episodes can tend to be drawn out. I'm happy that I don't need to complain about it here. Horray! Sure there may have been some scenes that could have been shortened a bit, but overall I felt this was a thoughtfully developed drama.

If you don't enjoy tear-jerkers then overt your eyes immediately, this is not the show for you. I'm not spoiling anything by saying the first 4 episodes at least will make you tear up. The shedding of tears continues on through the whole show, but maybe that's beside the point. Moving on.

Whoa, talk about your dysfunctional families. There are two families in this story, both connected in one way or another and man, either of them would be tiring to live in/with. You will see.

Overall I was impressed with almost everyone's acting, though it'll be easier to say whom didn't tickle my fancy first rather than gushing over everyone. Ahem.

Song Seung Hwan who plays chairman Choi Jin Chul, would have made me a happy camper if he had just used a bigger variety of facial expressions. It felt like he limited himself to just three reactions:
1. His surprised face. So you know, widen the eyes and raise the eyebrows.
2. I'm mad face: let me furrow my eyebrows and shoot some confuzzling death glares at you.
3. Or three, the most overused of them all, his cocky sneer.

Yes he was selfish to the extreme, but I don't know, I feel like there could have been more depth to him. If you've seen the show already, let me know your feels on this matter.

Kim Shin-Ae's character, played by Kang Mun Yeong (right), just drips with a selfish, clingy attitude. It wasn't until the very end that I had a slight change of heart for her, but about 99% of the show I had a hard time liking anything about her. Perhaps that is a sign of acting success, making me dislike her? Maybe a little, but I wish she would have shown some redeeming qualities earlier on to show more depth (I really need to use a different adjective…) to her character.

Such a beautiful, beautiful man... I'm sorry, what?

I'm going against what I said earlier about gushing, but if I had to choose my favorite characters/actors from this show, I'm sorry ladies but it goes to the men. I was highly impressed with the two main characters Cha Dong-Goo and Jang Joon-Ha in particular.

I wouldn't change a thing about Kim Jae Won's portrayal of Dong-Goo. His inner battle of accepting he is deaf was believable and tugged at the heartstrings. Despite Dong-Goo growing up wealthy, I was very glad he never showed it. His character had this pleasant humble quality to him. It didn't always seem like it, but Dong-Goo was a rather complex character and I was pleased at how the writers slowly laid it out in an easy to consume way.

 Stop it with that smile of yours.

Oh Jang Joon-Ha, you were indeed a complex, rather tortured soul weren't you? You couldn't pay me a million bucks to live a day in your shoes. The writers and of course Nam Goong Min (Joon-Ha) did a great job at throwing curve balls at the audience and kept me guessing/wondering what this bloke was really all about. It was like he's bad, he's good, no wait he's definitely bad…hold on--well eff, I don't know what he is anymore. Bravo sir.

I have to put this out there, as much as a love triangle can be a guilty pleasure for me, are love squares going to be a trend now? Can one girl really be that lucky? I'm looking at you Bong Woo Ri.
Although, I will hand it to her, she thankfully didn't play the annoying as balls card, "Oh no, I don't know which guy to choose. What to do?" Gamsahamnida.

All the child actors were fantastic too.

I think, therefore I am. Who said that? Getting distracted...anyhow.
I think I am quite pleased with how this drama ended. It didn't feel rushed like some shows do, nor did I feel like they left anything unresolved, again which does happen with some dramas. Since everything ended with a nice neat bow, I know in my beating heart that there would be nowhere else to go with this story line, but I do have a want for there to be more. In translation, overall a very well thought out, enticing drama and it's up there in my favorites.
Since it's a heavy story line filled with unflattering tear times *raises hand* I won't be watching this again too soon, unlike if it were, well, a light hearted comedy.

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