Monday, April 15, 2013

Native Language Going Down

Something that has been on the forefront of my mind is my language skills, which are slowly declining. Sure I appear to have gold star worthy grammar, potentially expansive vocabulary and so forth on here, but don't let this fool you, after all I do have the luxury of proof reading my work…many times. I'm thinking more so in terms of my speaking abilities.

Before I ramble on too much though, let me just say this: my husband's second language is English and therefore his speaking habits are rubbing off on me. Perhaps this is a, for lack of a better word, warning for anyone who is in the beginning stages of dating a foreigner (who's native language is not yours), perhaps you're seeking an interracial relationship, whatever the case, keep in mind that your pooh-bear's speaking habits have a high chance of rubbing off on you.

What does this translate to?
  • Slowly but surely I'm speaking more like Yoda, sometimes I don't even make as much sense as him.
  • I'm more frequently at a loss for words, they're painstakingly at the tip of my tongue.
  • Since I am still learning Thai, I sometimes think in Thai or want to respond to an English speaker in Thai.

Be prepared you lovely people, for a decline in your native language. It's a sacrifice yes, but well worth it… If I think my English is sub-par now, holy snaps is it going to be even more special when we live in Thailand (some time in the future).

This was just a quick item I wanted to share with you folks, because:
1) For those of you who are interested or are already in an interracial relationship, just be aware of this possibility and
2) I find it amusing that this is happening to me. The hubby feels a bit bad about it, but I let him know that I am completely happy with him and how things are, so don't fuss about my Yoda habits.

Let me know if any of you have experienced this: how you coped with it or did you try to correct it.

Peck Palitchoke - ถูกคนแล้ว | U-Kiss - Standing Still
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  1. It is a sacrifice worth paying for!

    1. Yes dear, of course I agree. ;)