Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring, Bring Some Color Please

I haven't worn makeup in a few years and rarely have a desire to presently [still], but boy oh boy do I want to feel like a fairy princess like Lee Hi in "Rose." The makeup she wears is so youthful, fresh, subtle in its own way and just beautiful.
Will I suddenly go out and buy makeup because of this? Newp, but I will complain inside my noggin that I want to dawn this fresh look. I'm sure that made sense and that's how I roll.

Going along with this fresh look, I'm being sucked into other spring-y aspects like flower headbands, light and bright clothing, airy fabrics and skirts, which is surprising yet not so surprising at the same time. More often than not I wear pants because it's easy, but I've had the urge to feel a little more girly with skirts. Although I never dress super girly I suppose because even with skirts I sport, generally, oxfords or converse...and I should play with my wanna-be Doc Martens more often too. Choices.

I'm attracted to florals any time of the year though, not just in spring. Really, who made these rules that florals are "meant" for spring or velvets are "meant" for autumn, you must not wear colors in winter and other nonsense. Although I think any style "rule" like these and many more would be irrelevant for folk in tropical climates, no? ..Perhaps I digress? Anyhoodles.

With such a lack of color around me in winter, indeed-y I am particularly excited to see the blossoming of colors both in nature and, um, around me on people and inanimate objects. Yes. 

Besides more color perhaps, what are you looking forward to this spring?

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