Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Favorites :: Food Edition

It's been too long folks, too long. Busy and tiring times, but I have goodie items to talk about: food. Who doesn't like food? Exactly.

Mandarin orange's
They are like freakin' candy, but the kind I don't have to feel bad about because it's chalk full of vitamin C. Horray! I've been eating at least 2-3 of these each day, usually after each meal. I find that it settles my stomach and of course they're just pure tiny items of deliciousness.
I have to thank my honey bunches of oats (no, I don't call my hubby that...yet) for opening my world to this...Thanks sweetie!

Oatmeal and tea for breakfast
I miss tea. Growing up I would usually have coffee just on the weekends and through the weekday my mom would usually make tea for me in the morning. Don't mom's always make the best *insert what applies for you*?

It's been a nice change in the mornings and I think tea is lighter than coffee. Does that make sense? Well at least tea compliments my delicious oatmeal better. My favorite oatmeal is the Kashi brand, Heart to Heart, golden brown maple flavor. Mm mmm, good.

Four small meals
I haven't been able to do it often because of my job, but eating 4 smaller meals a day rather than 3 larger ones. I can't put it into comprehensive scientific wording, but I just feel better eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than the typical 3 meals a day. I've never been crazy about such a silly routine anyway, the 3 big meals. The smaller meals feels like snacking, which I prefer. Who's with me? …Anyone? Oh.

I suppose this is all on a healthier route, so what are some of your favorite healthy nom noms (food)?

(All pics by pinterest)

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