Friday, May 24, 2013

Redhead Goes To Thailand

No folks, this is not about my sister this time, this is about muah! It's finally happening, I am finally going to Thailand in July!!!
I was so temped to enlarge the exclamation mark to a ridiculous size, but that would just be obnoxious. So, three exclamation marks will suffice.

Ironically my hubby is more so excited for me to visit than anything else. Well, he is looking forward to the food, fresh sea food. Nom nom nom.
We shall be there for three whole glorious, hot, months. Ah, so much to do so much to see my friends. I have a list already of what to do, what to see. I've mentioned it before, but why not give a quick reminder.

  • Tour the old schools my hubby attended during all his awkward years.
  • Visit the hubby's favorite hangouts, which mostly include coffee shops and home decorating stores.
  • Visit my father-in-laws garden, where he grows his own fruit. I'm definitely going to help sell it, new adventures there.
  • Meet a fair amount of family members for the first time. Wish me luck.
  • Eat food, lots and lots of delicious food. Fresh sea food? Whaaaat? Okay.
  • This falls under food, but enjoy lots of boba drinks.
  • Perhaps ride an elephant for the first time.
  • Try not to burn.
  • Eat some more food, and so on.

You better believe I will be documenting my adventures there, don't worry---if you were worrying at all.
I'm hoping too that I can step up my game and do a bit of filming whilst there. You'd finally get to see me in 3-D… I think that's purdy cool.

How can I forget to mention, I am also very excited to finally, rapidly, build my Thai vocabulary. By the end of the three months I'm sure I shall be able to carry on conversations respectively. Woot! When we return to the states the hubby and I will be able to speak in code whilst out and about. It will be such a powerful feeling. Bwahahaha! *awkward smile*  

VIXX - Super Hero | B1A4 - What's Happening

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Drama Review :: To The Beautiful You

To The Beautiful You

If you are a big fan of this drama and the actors in it, avert your eyes now. I may not say the nicest things. You have been warned… Peace and love.


There's no easy way to put this, though bless her heart for trying, but I wasn't impressed at any point with Sulli's acting. The best example is the "cliff hanger" scenes at the end of each episode, when something big has or will be revealed to Sulli's character and she kept an impeccable neutral face.

If I were the power man behind the camera, aka the director, I'd be squeezing my hand into a fist, muttering to myself, "Please give me a little more emotion." It may be harsh folks, but it's the truff, with two ff's.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If Shoes Were Possible

Is the title oddly phrased? Let me explain. Ahem, I don't have the extra green to spend on shoe, SO, in all caps, I'd like to tease (because that makes sense) myself here by listing what shoes I would love to dawn on my feet.

What do you think constitutes as a lot of shoes?
I wanted to use a smartie pants word to explain something here, but as you know my English is dying. Anyhoodles, a point I wanted to make is everyone may have their own definition of "a lot." Perhaps you base it off the number alone or how often each pair of shoes is worn? Aka, seldom or equally often.
I'm sure that made sense... *points back to question* 

I know I need to donate several pairs of my shoes because I hardly wear them. I think it best to allow someone else put new life into them, give them a new adventure.

Let's count my multiple pairs of converse as one pair, then add on a few other styles I wear and by the end of it all I have maybe 4 or 5 style variations. Good enough yes, but a few more variations would broaden the possibilities of my wardrobe, which I would have no issue of happening.

One way I see it, if you have a fairly neutral wardrobe, little to no crazy stand out pieces, then why not let your shoes be the show stopper. Indeed your shoes can really change the statement of your outfit.
My sister is a shoe lady and she does prefer to let her shoes do the talking if possible. I think I'm balanced between clothing and shoes, either or can make a statement if it so chooses.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

YouTube As A Job?

*points to the title* I think this is brilliant. It's another "version" of being an entrepreneur and being your own boss is nothing new, particularly in these modern times.
I've gotten some feels, negative vibes that some folk disapprove of this career (yes I said career) path. Why is that? I'm not a "YouTuber" yet (dun dun duunnn), but I do know making videos is a lot of work.

"Oh my gawd how do you know?" 1) Research my peeps and 2) I've been involved in two short films. Either way, let's break it down.

Filming takes a long time.

Think of a normal one and half hour movie with little to no special effects and some location changes within the same city, to keep it simple. Films like this can easily take one month or more just to film and that doesn't include pre production planning (content, scripting, etc) and post production editing and all other filming aspect goodies.
It makes sense then, that a "simple" 5 minute video can take a few hours [or more] just to film.

Editing takes knowledge and practice.

How many YouTuber's have actually studied this line of work? Not many I would think. Depending on how elaborate the video is, transitions, adding a soundtrack and whatnot, that too can take quite a few hours to complete.

Branding yourself.

A handful of YouTuber's have branded themselves, collaborating with companies, selling their own merchandise, starting one or more of their own companies, and so forth. Thinking off-hand, I can think of the following who fall into this category: Michelle Phan, Ryan Higa, Bubzbeauty, Andreas Choice, Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) and I'm sure quite a few more.
Perhaps some of them already had the idea to create their own products, like Bubz and her makeup brushes before YT, but I think YT had a big hand in their success. Agree? Disagree?

Eventually I would like to make videos. I would focus mainly on what it is like to be in an interracial relationship and sharing my adventures and discoveries in Thailand. Although, I still need to get to Thailand first, which is muy importante. It will happen, don't you worry.

I really enjoy sharing my interests with other like minded folk, the way I do here. YT will just be another creative outlet to explore, and plus I miss acting, since I was a theatre major. Oh the fun I shall have making super silly skits. It will be epic times.

YouTube has only been around since 2005, so I’d imagine it will have a nice long life... I hope so, after all it's the perfect platform for so many people out there. "I'm so curious yeeaaah!" (name that song) how YT may evolve, or rather continue to evolve.

SHINee - The Misconceptions Of You Album
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Escape Into Another Language

My following rambling on music and languages for that matter may come across as disjointed. If it does not, then great success!

When it comes to music, I really feel like I've gotten to the point that I dislike listening to English unless it's in the form of Jazz or Disney music. Okay, maybe dislike is too harsh, I just simply and largely prefer listening to Asian music over English.

It's an odd feeling really, I sometimes even feel a bit tired of speaking English and would rather speak Thai. Is that odd? The days I feel this, I feel (I need a new synonym...) particularly frustrated that I currently have too small a vocabulary to speak a simple conversation in Thai. I think I've just reached that comfort zone with Thai, likes it's a second home. Does that make sense?

According to the hubby, he doesn't really see me as "white" anymore, that I overall have mannerisms now more like a Thai lady. I hope that doesn't come across as seemingly racist on either end, it shouldn't. Anyhoodles. Recently even, the hubby says that my speech pattern is becoming more Thai. I am not surprised considering I'm with my wonderful hubby all the time. I've said it before, my native language is going down.

Back to more music aspects, unless the hubby is playing jazz, on my own 99.99% of the time I listen to Asian music.
What is it with me only wanting to listen to Asian music?
  • I think a part of it is I like the fact that I don't know what the singers are talking about, since I don't speak their language. I mostly listen to Korean, Japanese and Thai, although I can understand a bit of the Thai. Still, I like the mystery of not knowing what is being said.
  • I don't think it was ever obvious, but I'm Asian bias.
  • I just really like the change I think, since I grew up with American/English music of course.

What are you to gather from my rambling?

Simply I very much enjoy the Asian music/languages, it makes me a happy camper. It can easily turn any frown upside down.
And so I'm curious, what language really--in music form do you prefer to listen to? Is it your own mother tongue or something different?

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