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Drama Review :: To The Beautiful You

To The Beautiful You

If you are a big fan of this drama and the actors in it, avert your eyes now. I may not say the nicest things. You have been warned… Peace and love.


There's no easy way to put this, though bless her heart for trying, but I wasn't impressed at any point with Sulli's acting. The best example is the "cliff hanger" scenes at the end of each episode, when something big has or will be revealed to Sulli's character and she kept an impeccable neutral face.

If I were the power man behind the camera, aka the director, I'd be squeezing my hand into a fist, muttering to myself, "Please give me a little more emotion." It may be harsh folks, but it's the truff, with two ff's.

How can I not mention this either, I know you're thinking it too, why in the blue bunnies was Sulli, a super feminine in all ways woman cast as this character? Guys. Guys seriously. It pained me every time Sulli's character interacted with anyone who believed she was a boy, not a man but a boy.

I feel like this happens with many lady cross dressing dramas like this. When the actress is supposed to be a boy, she does try--for about one maybe two episodes max (that's being generous) and then it peters' out like lighting afterwards. I know some Asian men can look quite feminine, but good googly moogly that's where the line is drawn. Can you folks feel my frustration? It just breaks my little heart. *dramatics fully intended*


Oh Minho, I'm not really sure how I feel about your acting. You're not getting a smiley face stamp for this show, but rest assured I'm not displeased with you. Yay? He has potential, I will give him that.

I can't fully blame Minho here, the writing failed him a bit, particularly when it came to his change of heart for Sulli's character. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I know there was just something missing between them. Whoa, light bulb moment: chemistry? Oh bother, I think that is indeed a part of it. Pity.

It seemed Minho's character eventually felt more strongly for Sulli compared to how she felt about him. I think that's what you call ironic.

Cha Eyun Geol

I always have a soft spot for the third wheel characters. They're the guys most people end up rooting for more so than the main bloke. Am I right? …Guys? Lies if you disagree.

I was pretty happy with his stages of feeling towards Sulli's character. There was indeed a range, a noticeable transition from one to the other, which makes me a happy camper.

His only downfall, how it the purple bunnies were you 'fooled' to think Sulli was a dude for so long? You can contact my people with your explanation, sir.

Kim Woo Bin

Ah, Mr. Woo Bin, he was in a few episodes for this show and I honestly don't think it was necessary. I enjoyed his character, and Woo Bin is becoming an acting bias, BUT I think the 'plot twist' he created felt a bit out of place. I do understand how he helped shape Minho's character, so to speak, but I still think Kim Woo Bins character was a 'toss in' if that makes sense.
Watch it and let me know how you feel about it.

Julien Kang

I had no idea he was half Korean. It makes perfect sense now because any time he spoke Korean, heck even argued in Korean I thought, "Dang, you're like in the junior league of pros here."
Now did he blow me away? Not by any means, but this tall tall man has potential I think. I must say, it was a relief to see a, well, foreigner (yes yes I know he's half Korean, but foreign looking ya...) act decently in a K-drama. I've seen a few foreigners in past shows and all of them have acted--poorly.

Overall Thoughts:

If I'm not thinking about this critically, then this is a silly and fun show to ease your way through.

It's not really a serious drama and--back to thinking critically already--the scenes that were meant to be serious were not handled the greatest. For instance a scenerio that takes place at a beach house with a male assistant. That was very vague, but watch the show and you'll see what I mean.

This leads me into a main point. I think this show did have potential in the story line, but the writing and acting fell a bit short. There were holes in parts of the story that were not well answered or well developed.

It may not sound like it now, but I am still glad that I watched this drama. Again, when I don't analyze it the way I am now, it is fun to watch.

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