Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If Shoes Were Possible

Is the title oddly phrased? Let me explain. Ahem, I don't have the extra green to spend on shoe, SO, in all caps, I'd like to tease (because that makes sense) myself here by listing what shoes I would love to dawn on my feet.

What do you think constitutes as a lot of shoes?
I wanted to use a smartie pants word to explain something here, but as you know my English is dying. Anyhoodles, a point I wanted to make is everyone may have their own definition of "a lot." Perhaps you base it off the number alone or how often each pair of shoes is worn? Aka, seldom or equally often.
I'm sure that made sense... *points back to question* 

I know I need to donate several pairs of my shoes because I hardly wear them. I think it best to allow someone else put new life into them, give them a new adventure.

Let's count my multiple pairs of converse as one pair, then add on a few other styles I wear and by the end of it all I have maybe 4 or 5 style variations. Good enough yes, but a few more variations would broaden the possibilities of my wardrobe, which I would have no issue of happening.

One way I see it, if you have a fairly neutral wardrobe, little to no crazy stand out pieces, then why not let your shoes be the show stopper. Indeed your shoes can really change the statement of your outfit.
My sister is a shoe lady and she does prefer to let her shoes do the talking if possible. I think I'm balanced between clothing and shoes, either or can make a statement if it so chooses.

(All pics from my pinterest)

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