Friday, May 24, 2013

Redhead Goes To Thailand

No folks, this is not about my sister this time, this is about muah! It's finally happening, I am finally going to Thailand in July!!!
I was so temped to enlarge the exclamation mark to a ridiculous size, but that would just be obnoxious. So, three exclamation marks will suffice.

Ironically my hubby is more so excited for me to visit than anything else. Well, he is looking forward to the food, fresh sea food. Nom nom nom.
We shall be there for three whole glorious, hot, months. Ah, so much to do so much to see my friends. I have a list already of what to do, what to see. I've mentioned it before, but why not give a quick reminder.

  • Tour the old schools my hubby attended during all his awkward years.
  • Visit the hubby's favorite hangouts, which mostly include coffee shops and home decorating stores.
  • Visit my father-in-laws garden, where he grows his own fruit. I'm definitely going to help sell it, new adventures there.
  • Meet a fair amount of family members for the first time. Wish me luck.
  • Eat food, lots and lots of delicious food. Fresh sea food? Whaaaat? Okay.
  • This falls under food, but enjoy lots of boba drinks.
  • Perhaps ride an elephant for the first time.
  • Try not to burn.
  • Eat some more food, and so on.

You better believe I will be documenting my adventures there, don't worry---if you were worrying at all.
I'm hoping too that I can step up my game and do a bit of filming whilst there. You'd finally get to see me in 3-D… I think that's purdy cool.

How can I forget to mention, I am also very excited to finally, rapidly, build my Thai vocabulary. By the end of the three months I'm sure I shall be able to carry on conversations respectively. Woot! When we return to the states the hubby and I will be able to speak in code whilst out and about. It will be such a powerful feeling. Bwahahaha! *awkward smile*  

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