Tuesday, May 7, 2013

YouTube As A Job?

*points to the title* I think this is brilliant. It's another "version" of being an entrepreneur and being your own boss is nothing new, particularly in these modern times.
I've gotten some feels, negative vibes that some folk disapprove of this career (yes I said career) path. Why is that? I'm not a "YouTuber" yet (dun dun duunnn), but I do know making videos is a lot of work.

"Oh my gawd how do you know?" 1) Research my peeps and 2) I've been involved in two short films. Either way, let's break it down.

Filming takes a long time.

Think of a normal one and half hour movie with little to no special effects and some location changes within the same city, to keep it simple. Films like this can easily take one month or more just to film and that doesn't include pre production planning (content, scripting, etc) and post production editing and all other filming aspect goodies.
It makes sense then, that a "simple" 5 minute video can take a few hours [or more] just to film.

Editing takes knowledge and practice.

How many YouTuber's have actually studied this line of work? Not many I would think. Depending on how elaborate the video is, transitions, adding a soundtrack and whatnot, that too can take quite a few hours to complete.

Branding yourself.

A handful of YouTuber's have branded themselves, collaborating with companies, selling their own merchandise, starting one or more of their own companies, and so forth. Thinking off-hand, I can think of the following who fall into this category: Michelle Phan, Ryan Higa, Bubzbeauty, Andreas Choice, Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) and I'm sure quite a few more.
Perhaps some of them already had the idea to create their own products, like Bubz and her makeup brushes before YT, but I think YT had a big hand in their success. Agree? Disagree?

Eventually I would like to make videos. I would focus mainly on what it is like to be in an interracial relationship and sharing my adventures and discoveries in Thailand. Although, I still need to get to Thailand first, which is muy importante. It will happen, don't you worry.

I really enjoy sharing my interests with other like minded folk, the way I do here. YT will just be another creative outlet to explore, and plus I miss acting, since I was a theatre major. Oh the fun I shall have making super silly skits. It will be epic times.

YouTube has only been around since 2005, so I’d imagine it will have a nice long life... I hope so, after all it's the perfect platform for so many people out there. "I'm so curious yeeaaah!" (name that song) how YT may evolve, or rather continue to evolve.

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