Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Monthly Favorites

The month of May was a rather busy time, thus I figured lumping my favorites at the end made more sense rather than having it even twice. So, let's get into it… Somehow that sounded cheesy, but then again who doesn't love cheese? That is a rhetorical question, silly.
Clearly at the top of my list is confirming that the hubby and I shall be spending three whole months in his home country, Thailand. Every day now he hears from me singing, "We're going to Thailand, we're going to Thailand!" He's so patient with me.

I've already been planning out in my noggin what to film for you folks while I'm there, what to write about. It's been fun even planning what camera angles to use, how long certain content should be and all that fun jazz. I'm sure when it comes time to film things, it won't go quite as smoothly as I imagine, but it will still sure be a ball of fun. Optimism!
This is from 2 1/2 years ago or so, but I thought it would be appropriate to show meh hair. You'll see the future me--soon. Ooo, mysterious.
 For a 2-3 months my hair had been in an awesome freak out mode, which made it look like Professor Snapes hair-do. Well, not quite as bad as Rowling describes it, but darn annoying nevertheless. By following my sisters advice, after a few weeks, my hair is very close to being normal again.
I shall dive into full detail about my hair adventure in a future post, which I've been working on. Need to still acquire some muy importante pictures of my hair for that.

This is a trifling matter, but I'm proud that I am growing my fruit liking and intake. I do like fruit, but I have always been picky on fruit textures. For instance, and this has been years in the making, but I have finally jumped on the strawberry band wagon. I've always loved the taste, it was just the texture I found off putting. No longer though! *waves imaginary celebratory flag*

The good doctors say to eat fruit every day and bi-gum I am almost accomplishing this. On average I'm eating fruit 5 days out of the week. Woot!

Discovering and re-discovering Korean groups:
This is a rediscovery with them. I recall listening to their song called On And On, but not being super thrilled about it. It seems it took a darker image and emo times from them with the song Hyde for me to change my mind about them. Somehow, they knew I used to be a rocker lady. 

B1A4 or as they're best known for me: Bilasa, conqueror or kitties and teenage girls hearts!
This is also a rediscovery because I had heard some of their songs in the past but it just didn't capture me at the time. Now, I think they're just brilliant particularly with their videos. Hilarious.   

I'm actually not 100% sold on this new rookie group, but I don't dislike them either. I think they have the potential to grow on me with their unique sound
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