Friday, August 16, 2013

Surviving in Thailand : The Essentials

(You may see this picture again in a future post.)
In my first week I had the best FREE Thai Ice Tea and have yet to find another that equals the deliciousness of this one.

hey. Hey. HEY. Where have you been? And by you, I mean me. The short and sweet of it my friendly folks is it took a great deal of time preparing to come to Thailand and while we, the hubby and I, have been in Thailand we've been busy. Busy meeting friends, family and working.
Yup, you read that correctly we're in Thailand. Great success!! We've been here for a month and a half already and shall be for another month and a half. Quick math : a total of three whole, glorious months. 

I have SO much to tell you beautiful people. I even put off writing this because I was so torn on where to begin. D=
I thought about going in chronilogical order, because I like order, so starting with preparing to come to Thailand, but here we are and I decided to begin with the essential tips on surviving Thailand… because I can.

In no particular order. Ahem:

Mosquito Repellent 
In the first couple of weeks, I was some delicious desert for the mosquitoes here, but thankfully I haven't been getting as many bites recently. I will not question why.
Go for an organic one of course, like citronella to avoid unnecessary toxins. 

It's a tropical country which means rain and right now it's the rainy season, so you will be glad for an umbrella. Also, when it's not raining the sun wants to burn you and overall you'll feel a tiny bit cooler under the umbrella. Shazaam! Seriously, the umbrella has been my best friend like a puppy, and thus has stuck by my side and kept me from being burnt.

It's a tropical country, protect yourself.

Toilet Paper 
Yes, you will need to carry it with you because unless you are in a mall, Starbucks, big restaurant--that sort of location--toilet paper will not be provided for you in the restrooms. Do not put yourself in that awkward situation. Also, often when you travel outside of the big cities, just generalizing here, you will most likely [only] come across squat toilets. Practice practice folks. 

Clothes that cover you 
I know it's a hot country, but you can survive when wearing pants and lightweight long sleeves. Yes you will feel cooler, by a bit, when wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but really, either way you shall be toasty. 
Why do I mention this? Because you have a better chance of not being the main course for mosquitoes and not having what I like to call "the foreigner burn." I've seen many foreigners here and a great majority of them are burnt. 
I'm a pale redhead and have not been burnt once. Great success!

I've planned out several other topics to discuss such as preparing to come to Thailand, transportation, money, food, adventures I've had and so forth. If there is anything in particular your curious mind is wanting to know, well, let me know and I shall see if I have a proper answer for it. Just keep in mind I've only been here a month and a half….although I do have access to my husband's knowledge, who is from here. Hmm. Knowledge is power, and that is my story.