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I desired an outlet to share my interests and so here I am. I can sometimes be a hermit, so finding like minded ladies and gents on/in the magical land called the internet seemed a logical path to take.
I have many likes from Asian cultures, music, crafts, home decor, DIY projects, styling ze clothing, geeking out with LOTR and Star Wars (and more of course) and the list continues. I hope what you find here inspiring and entertaining. =)

 Shades provided by ze hubby.

Mini biography:

1.  I am from the U.S. and have been mistaken for being Irish and Scottish. It's the hair, isn't it? Well yes, I do have Irish in me.

2.  I am married to the best gentleman ever produced from Thailand.

3.  My sister and I are the only one's on both sides of the family that have red hair. We're also petite so clearly that must mean we're twins.

4.  I'd love to have my own 'craft corner' some day.

5.  I love to read non-fiction books and can be picky with fiction.

6.  I am easily entertained, truly. Give me a ball of yarn and I can be amused for a good hour or more. 

7.  I wish to travel a great deal with my wonderful husband. Ironically, I leaned towards seeing Asian countries while he wants to see Europe.

8.  Theatre is a passion of mine, yet I can be quite shy.

9.  My favorite food is Asian, particularly Thai (bring on the spice), Korean and Japanese. I was very picky when I was younger, but am far more open minded to try new things now.

10.  My favorite decades for vintage is the 30s-50s

11.  I very rarely listen to anything but Asian music, particularly Korean, Japanese and Thai.

You can find me on: Youtube, Tumblr and Pinterest

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